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It seems Melissa Gorga changes her stories faster than she changes her lipgloss. I mean, one minute Jan is her BFF and they were in each other's weddings and the cheating allegation is the ultimate betrayal. And in the next minute, like in her recent blog, they were only friends for like a hot second 300 years ago. 

So that means one of two things: Melissa didn't have any real-real friends to stack her bridal party with or she's lying about the nature of her relationship with Jan! Whatever the case, like all things Real Housewives of New Jersey, it doesn't add up! 

According to our source Melissa is intent on continuing the "victim act" at all costs. "She just wants to blame Teresa for everything," our source tells us exclusively. "Melissa really needs a story line." What – you mean writing a marriage bible and staging a J. Faux pop star career isn't enough?! <gasp>


Our source points out the obvious that Melissa "cannot keep her story straight." Regarding Melissa's relationship with Jan, "Melissa invited Jan to the filming of the brunch where she discusses her book. Would you do all that with a 5 minute friend?"

Calling Melissa a "liar" the source says that's why Melissa's past, ever more scandalous by the season, comes back to haunt her! "The more Melissa lies, the more people from her past come out. Melissa walks around and has since she was casted like she is above everybody. I think that is what sparks people to really not like her."

Additionally, our source insists the so-called victim role is completely fake. "She stirs the post behind the scenes and then plays victim." And it's hurting her relationship with Teresa long-term. "To date, yes things are better. But, Teresa and Melissa do not like each other. Melissa just can't stop playing victim."

Even making things worse are Melissa's sisters Lysa and Kim. "Melissa's sister were asked by Melissa to stop tweeting mean stuff about Teresa since they are trying to get to a better place," the source explains. "That did not last long."

It's true – during this week's episode Lysa questioned Teresa's "friendship" with Penny Drossos and posted a photo of Penny and Teresa posing at a public appearance last year. "You look like friends to me," the tweet read. 


Teresa has admitted they knew each other socially but claims she and Penny aren't friends (just acquaintances in the Melissa Gorga Take Down Mission, eh?) "Her sisters are the 'arm' behind her, doing Melissa's dirty work," our source insists. "Melissa knows Teresa and Penny are not and never were friends."

Well, interesting, interesting. Like we said months ago there are 13 sides to every Melissa story. This girl is something… 

[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Bravo]

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