Lil' Scrappy is notorious for his bad behavior on and off Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Lately the star's life has been nothing but drama.

In a new interview with Dallas' 97.9 The Beat Studio, Scrappy confronts rumors that he was fired from L&HH and reveals that his latest arrest was cause he was defending his girlfriend. Modern romance, baby. I will so totally brawl in front of the nacho cheese dip dispenser for you! 

On getting arrested recently for fighting in a gas station with former friend Kenny Rogers, Scrappy insists he is not to blame! "Somebody I know – he got real disrespectful. I told him, 'I'm on probation, I can't be doing all this.' He done said the wrong thing to me a couple times – and other occasions as well – so it was really backed up," Scrappy explains. 


"He looked at my lady friend, who I had with me (Bambi, his girl of the moment!), and said something to her," Scrappy continued. "I was like, 'Chill out' and he tried to buck up on me, so I had to lay them paws on him.” Scrappy previously said Kenny was calling "his girlfriend" names (I guess they're official now?). He's just a gentleman defending his lady. 

When the fight broke out, "the police were already in there," Scrappy says. "So they [the police] said I was really just on the defense." Scrappy maintains the charges are not serious. Both men were booked for disorderly conduct. Scrappy's lawyer insists the video surveillance footage from the store would prove he was acting in self-defense. 

As for the rumors that he has been fired from L&HH, Scrappy denies them completely. “Your boy fixinna be on TV again. I don’t know why they put bad rumors like I ain’t gonna be out there no more,” Scrappy assured us.

About Waka Flocka joining the cast, Scrappy was noncommittal. “I don’t know if Waka’s gonna be on there or not. But we will see."

You can watch the complete interview below and listen to Scrappy's new single! 

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