The new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is advertising may-jah drama! We've seen snippets of Survivor like changes in alliances as everyone scrambles to be crowned the most glamorous of them all and unseat the reigning queen of Housewives: Lisa Vanderpump!

Unfortunately it seems Lisa's no. 1 ally, Brandi Glanville, has turned on her by teaming up with her other former BFF, Kyle Richards. And Lisa is truly shocked by the betrayal! 

Lisa “can’t believe how Brandi has betrayed their friendship and trust," a source tells Radar Online. At the root of the issue is Brandi promoting a story that Lisa started a rumor that Mauricio was cheating on Kyle.

Brandi, allegedly at Lisa's behest, confronted Kyle about the allegation and then as the season progressed decided she wanted to do the right thing and confessed to Kyle that Lisa was allegedly behind the rumors! 

"After Brandi tried to pin the blame on Lisa for confronting fellow housewife Kyle about allegations her husband had cheated on her, it was the end of their once very close friendship,” a show insider reveals.


Brandi has made no secret about how jealous she is of Lisa’s over the top lifestyle, beautiful mansion and happy marriage…she is now out to make Lisa look bad in hopes that she will get more camera time," the insider adds. "It’s all about Brandi, 24/7, and sadly, Lisa is now recognizing that.” Brandi is rumored to be the next Housewife to land a spinoff

Apparently Brandi is using the anti-Lisa agenda to make a new identity for herself in the eyes of the viewers! “Brandi knew that viewers were growing tired of her constant moaning about the fact Eddie cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes. She was beginning to sound like a broken record," the source describes. "So, Brandi obviously made a decision to try and make Lisa look bad in front of the cameras.”

Interesting – I think viewers are more sick of Brandi's hypocrisy! She's always talking about wanting peace with Eddie and LeAnn then she can't keep her mouth shut or her comments to herself. LeAnn sucks and she constantly provokes Brandi, but Brandi constantly plays into LeAnn's nonsense and runs to the press. Furthermore, her drunken and disorderly behavior and incessant s#*!-talking wears me out! 

As for the friendship breakdown, Lisa was shocked to find Brandi discussing that in the media as well. I'm not sure why as Brandi makes everything public! Lisa “just couldn’t believe that Brandi has gone so public with the troubles in their friendship," says the source. 

"Writing a magazine column about it, really? Not very classy. Brandi is a foul-mouthed, low class wannabe,” the insider from Lisa's camp said.

Lisa’s family had warned her about Brandi, but she always sees the good in people, and chose not to listen to them. She has no regrets, but don’t expect to see them being friends ever again," the source adds. "Once you cross Lisa once, you are cut-off from her world. This betrayal offended Brandi, who said that she was hurt by the actions.” I guess Brandi and Kyle now have that in common! 

I don't trust Brandi so far as I can throw her. I think she was always playing the game – skillfully I might add – and using Lisa when she needed her and now that she's earned fans and viewer support, she's throwing Lisa by the wayside. We'll see what happens, but where there's a terrible smell there's usually a Beverly Hills' housewife's melting plastic parts! 

Hopefully it was all worth it and Brandi gets what she wants and doesn't end up like Adrienne Maloof – or Kyle, who has never managed to regain popularity with viewers. Brandi maintains the two are still friends, but just having issues at the moment. 

Oh and speaking of Kyle, she's made other changes besides becoming friends with Brandi. She finally changed her hair! No she didn't cut it – unfortunately – but she did dye it a slightly lighter color. A photo is below! 


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