Kyle Richards Being Bullied On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Freaks Out Over Allegations Of Mauricio’s Cheating!

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So I see that Kyle Richards is stealing Adrienne Maloof's abandoned storyline this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

After years of leading the mean-girl pack, Kyle is reportedly crying the big-bad-bullying accusation against co-stars. Likely in an attempt to garner some sympathy fans!

Kyle claims she is being unfairly picked on by Brandi Glanville and her allies Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle and Lisa are not speaking at the moment, by the way. 


"Kyle feels that she is being targeted in the same way that Adrienne was last season," a source tells Radar. The root of the issues comes from an accusation from Brandi that Mauricio Umansky likes extracurricular ladies. Kyle feels Lisa supported Brandi instead of being loyal to their friendship. 

Lisa and Brandi allegedly "confront Kyle on camera” about Mauricio's infidelity an insider shares. “They absolutely blindsided her, and were relentless."

Brandi maintained she had solid information to prove that Mauricio has been cheating on Kyle. Kyle became extremely upset, and refused to listen to the girls. She felt especially betrayed by Lisa because they had once been so close.”

Kyle "was particularly hurt by Lisa’s actions because they once used to be such close friends," Kyle the source explains. "They no longer are, and Kyle had wanted to work on that friendship, and try to mend it…now, that seems impossible. Kyle just can’t understand why the girls can’t come together and support each other.”

Of course Kim Richards who is unfortunately reportedly returning this season in some capacity was supportive of Kyle in denying that Mauricio would ever be unfaithful. 

"Kim got into a heated altercation with Brandi and Lisa telling them to butt out of Kyle’s marriage. Even though Kim and Kyle have had their issues over the years, they always stand up for each other publicly. That family bond can never be broken."

The source also claims Kyle will be quitting after this season because she does not want her family attacked on the show. We could only be so lucky…  Kyle sure didn't care when the family being attacked was Kim

Kyle was “so upset and disgusted after the confrontation, that she called producers of the show, and told them she wanted out,” the source explains, except she is "contractually obligated" to continue filming the rest of season 4. 

So who doesn't totally believe this so-called source is Kyle?! Apparently someone (ahem… Adrienne!) slipped Splits her contact info over at ol' Radar and Kyle is starting the damage control reputation ruination early in an attempt to come across in a better light for the upcoming season! 

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