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Melissa Gorga has just survived a Housewives reunion. And now she's hoping to move forward. 

"If I had to sum up this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, I would say it's been very therapeutic," Melissa tells OK! Magazine. "We've been through all the types of therapy that we could possibly go through."

Annnnd Melissa admits – none of it worked! "Maybe we could use a little more," she acknowledges. "We needed the outside voices to come in and tell us to shut up and sit down. I do think we made an accomplishment and I think we got somewhere this season."


Melissa says her favorite adventures in therapy was with Dr. Va-jay-jay. "She just came in – she was raw. She got us; we got her. And it worked! So kudos, Dr. V." 

And now onto the reunion! "The reunion is brutal," Melissa confesses, describing it as a Housewife's "most dreaded day." 

"I do not look forward to it," Melissa says. "We know we need to do it because we need to sum it all up and give answers to what went on this season." 

On the bright note, Melissa assures us that this reunion is different than last season's. "They're always enlightening. There's a lot of support at this reunion and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes that's a little confusing that will come out for you. I think the fans are going to appreciate a lot of the inside scoop." 

I cannot wait to see what secrets are unveiled – finally! 

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