The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4

Le Sigh… I see some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will stop at nothing to paint Lisa Vanderpump as the bad girl this season! 

So apparently everyone on RHOBH decided to turn against Lisa because she's like a horrible lie-spewing witch from hell and that British accent only seeks to mask her true colors as more evil than Alison DuBouis. Or something. 

“All the women on the show have come to realize how conniving and manipulative Lisa is. Brandi [Glanville] was the only one with the balls to actually call her out and do something about it," Brandi a source tells Radar Online. 


Lisa needed someone to instigate things, to out her and show her true colors, and that person was Brandi,” the insider added. “Brandi was tired of being Lisa’s b*tch. She has no problem being a b*tch in general, but just not anyone else’s.”

Finally the source warns, “A lot of it will come out on the show and the world will learn what the girls on the Housewives already know about Lisa.”

I'm just gonna call this what it is: Brandi's transparent attempt to save her butt this season. It's no secret (since she's been tweeting up a storm) that she's worried about her edit and subsequent image as the evil drunky-drunkifer that tries to "pull an Adrienne" and take down Lisa.

Brandi has been claiming that we have to wait and watch and doing interviews galore painting Lisa as a manipulative user. She's also been broadcasting her new 'friendship' with Kyle Richards all over creation. A friendship even Kyle admitted was one of convenience.  

Say it together now: The lady doth protests too much! 

Now I'm not saying Lisa's a total innocent, but neither is Brandi! Even if Lisa did try to trump some of these women – they probably deserve it – and you know Brandi was totally in on it with her til she thought she could use it as leverage to make this 'The Brandi Show'. There's another rumor that Lisa is quitting RHOBH because she can't stand her castmates and has a spinoff now. 

[Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo]

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