Kendall And Kylie Jenner Launch New Holiday Collection

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are reaping the benefits of being part of a world famous family – like modeling opportunities, clothing collection collaborations and more.  The girls are excited about the positive side of fame, but recently shared the difficult part of growing up in the spotlight (like the paparazzi busting you at a nightclub).

Kendall and Kylie were at the Glendale PacSun store this weekend to launch their new Kendall & Kylie Holiday Collection.  The Jenner girls explained that their Kardashian siblings wouldn't have handled being famous at such a young age. 

Kendall shared, "They got to live their teen years in a very different way than we did. They lived it normally and then once they were already grown up, they went through what we’re now going through. They even say to us: 'If I was in your position, I would not be able to handle it,' "


Kylie agrees, but she finds the silver lining in the chaos. "You just have to come back and realize all of the great things that have come out of it. All of the good you can do with having the spotlight on you and just having your family around you."

At the event the girls were asked about Kanye West's "Yeezus for PacSun" collection.  Kylie dished, "I don't know—I love all his stuff. He's been showing me a bunch of stuff but I haven't really seen the final [product]. But I might stop by the store and just get everything."  She's referring to Kanye's new Yeezus store that is opening next to their DASH store in Beverly Hills.

Kylie and Kendall are both assumed to be standing up in Kimye's wedding.  Kendall shared that she has faith that Kim will be choosing their bridesmaid dresses (clearly she doesn't realize that Kanye is taking care of the details).  She explained "Kim is obviously very stylish and she will set us up good."  We wait with bated breath for these klassy kreations.



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