We all know the folks of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo will holla for a dolla, but did you know that this girl also hollers?  But I save my whooping for Rich Dollaz. Geez, that was bad, wasn't it? It's no secret that the original Love & Hip Hop hasn't fared as well as it's Atlanta counterpart, but there is something so ridiculous about Rich that entertains me to no end. Mainly, I find it hilarious that he can praise Peter Gunz for bringing new life back into the once flailing franchise. 

Actually, he's right. All Peter had to do was marry his side-chick behind the back of the woman with whom he has had a thirteen year relationship–and children–and put it all on VH1 for the world to see. And just like that, according to Rich, Peter is back at the top of his game. Sad but true!


In a recent radio interview with Hot 97.3, Rich discusses the phenomenon that is Peter's very messy life. When asked if he thought Peter's crazy behavior would tarnish the rapper's reputation, Rich revealed, “The game has changed. There is a new formula, and I give people this example all the time.Olivia [Longott], was not willing to do what people are doing on television now. I think that hurt her. She wasn’t able to capitalize the on the fan base and the things you need to do to make people love you." Well, that certainly makes me respect Olivia a bit more!

Rich continued, "Flip that, and you have Peter Gunz. He may have put too much out there for the world to see, so it kind of backfired to some degree, but as an artist and a creative person, I think you want to be in the limelight. You want to be in the forefront. Nobody was asking about Peter last year, and now everybody is talking about Peter all the time. As an artist, you just have to take the good with the bad. My thing is just don’t be irrelevant. They can hate you, and they can love you, as long as they want to party, drink with you, and you can get a check from it… than more power to you.” Again, sadly he's right, and by watching his shenanigans, we may as well be signing Peter's checks. Thankfully, Mona has that covered!

Not wanting to totally condone his friend's behavior, Rich explains, “I don’t defend [Peter’s] actions and his life, but at the same time, for him to get back to where he wanted to be financially, and for him to get back to where he wanted to be in regards to the public eye, there is something to be said," adding, "Peter is a star again, and our ratings are higher than they have ever been because of this guy right now, He brought Love & Hip Hop: New York back. Last year was rough for us, [but] now here we are doing five million people on a Monday night. People are talking about us like they are talking about the show below the Mason–Dixon line!”

Rich is certainly correct. I'm hanging out below the Mason-Dixon line, and I'm definitely talking about this show more than I ever thought I would!


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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