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With all her health problems, Yolanda Foster probably doesn't need to deal with excess drama on (or outside of!) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Luckily, however, Yolanda has chosen to share her struggles with Lyme disease, her advice (eat two almonds and chew them sloooooowly), and her glorious lemons with us. 

Reflecting on this week's episode Yolanda discusses her treatment for neurological Lyme disease and also the treatment of some of the Housewives towards each other. 

"I am the shell of the woman I used to be so the hardest thing for me is to accept my limitations and deal with the feeling of inadequacy due to not being able to do all that I used to," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. "I truly miss me being me!"


"I find it almost embarrassing to watch my paralyzed brain struggle with word retrieval as I try to participate in conversations. Lyme has brought me to my knees; this disease is a silent killer and does not have a face. Words about the way I look used to flatter my ego — but have now become a sound of discredit to my disease. Because of this, millions of people go undiagnosed and therefore not treated," Yolanda explains. 

However that does not mean she is immune to the snipppy comments about her hair! Oh no – I made one. I feel bad. I didn't know. I swear it – don't stone me with lemons. 

"When struggling to get out of bed in the morning due to pain and exhaustion, the last thing on the priority list is going to get a blow dry. I choose to use the little energy that I have to make breakfast for my children and bring my husband a cup of coffee," Yolanda instructs us. "I say this because it's funny to see how many people comment on my s—ty, thinned-out, lifeless hair. Obviously I am trying to share the truth of my reality here, not qualify for a beauty pageant."

Sadly Yolanda still struggles with her health. "Unfortunately, this episode was shot in March of 2013 and I realize that eight months later I am still struggling through my days and still haven't found a cure or was able to put this disease in remission." Oh, she also said she only lasted two days on the Master Cleanse. What did she do with all the lemon water her housekeeper made?

Moving on to other aspects of the episode, Yolanda is disappointed by some of the behaviors of her co-stars – and she does not believe Lisa Vanderpump faked her faint! 

"I had never seen the episode of Dancing With The Stars where she fainted because I was at a treatment center in Florida at that time. It really scared me when I saw it today — and I have to disagree with the girls, as I don't believe anyone could fake that," Yolanda maintains. "Like most of us, Lisa is competitive and does not like to be bad at anything she does, so cutting her journey short wasn't planned if you ask me."

Yolanda adds that lunch at Lisa's house was lovely, but a challenge as she had just returned from treatment. "I was happy to see the girls and was trying to get back into life. I am so annoyed with my struggle to scan information in my brain and pull quickly enough to intelligently keep up with Lisa’s banter. But what I was trying to say is that I was doing rehabilitation for my brain with a program called Lumosity."

"And to set the record straight, I am not looking for a realtor but I absolutely adore Mauricio and always have. I believe he is a very hard worker and well deserving of owning The Agency, one of the most successful real-estate companies in Beverly Hills."

Yolanda also says she is impressed Kyle Richards used her manners – sort of – for once. "I was genuinely happy to see Kyle host a lunch for Joyce [Giraud] and Carlton [Gebbia] because as the new girl last year, I often wondered why very few in the group made an effort to get to know me on a more intimate level (on and off camera that is)." I think Kyle was afraid of you Yolanda – and that's a compliment. 

"Carlton is a beautiful soul and has such an extraordinary view on the universe. I get why she would be upset about someone needlessly killing a bee or ignoring her cat story."

I cannot believe so much of this episode centers around a bee and a cat story, but hey maybe that's better than a drunken meltdown or a family feud?

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