Kandi Burruss has been working on a musical with producer fiance Todd Tucker. Well her newest venture made it to the stage this weekend! 

A Mother's Love, which is based loosely on Kandi's own life, debuted at Atlanta's Rialto Center for the Arts on Friday. "Though things are exaggerated, you will see moments of my life in the musical," Kandi tells BroadwayWorld.com. Kandi is both the writer and the star of the play which also features a bevy of musical heavyweights. 

"Writing A Mother's Love has been therapy for me in many ways. I've had to focus and not only co-write the script which is loosely about my life but have also written twenty (20) songs for the play in a very short amount of time which has allowed me to unload a lot of emotions inside of me," the Real Housewives of Atlanta star explains. The title is ironic given Kandi's own recent issues with her mother Joyce who openly disapproves of her relationship with Todd

A Mother's Love is the story of a complicated relationship between a mother and daughter, focusing on a mother's difficulty to let her daughter make choices in her own love life. Hmmm… semi-autographical, Kandi? Or basically this is your life!


Moving on, Phaedra Parks may have some advice on dealing with an over-bearing mama and doing it with and kindness! Phaedra's new book, Secrets of a Southern Belle debuted this week and Ms. Parks is using her Bravo blog to share some of her wisdom. 

"I would like to believe that most people have good intentions, because really, who actually wants the rest of the world to think they were raised by wolves? So I gladly give everyone credit for at least trying to behave well. However, the truth is, some people could use some extra help," Phaedra begins. 

Speaking of Southerners, Phaedra touts their special magical abilities to be cordial no matter what heathenish person one is confronted with. #Krayonce

"Our ability to be kind and generally respect others comes from most of us being raised under the biblical premise of 'do unto others as you with have them do unto you,'" Phaedra espouses. "Most of us realize from early childhood that karma is real and the bridge you so easily burn might well be the bridge you have to cross to get home."

"Unfortunately, as we see more migration from other parts of the world, we also see an increase of poor manners and rude behavior. But the Southern Belle prides herself in treating everyone like the next president, because potential is not always obvious; your parking valet today might be chairman of the city council tomorrow," Soooo… who thinks this passage is directed to Kenya Moore

Phaedra goes on to advocate against bragging and realizing that "common sense isn't common." Meaning some people just can't help their ill-behavior. Phaedra reminds everyone that good manners and common courtesies, as well as going to extra mile to show you care, can take you far in life. I quite agree. But then again, I was raised in the south! 

Moving on, tonight is an all new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Tonight Kandi investigates the Apollo text-gate and tries to get to the bottom of who was being fresh with whom. Cynthia recovers from surgery while Porsha comes to terms with some unhappy truths. And NeNe helps Kenya get a new home and is shocked by her current living conditions. #Motel6

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode so make sure to join us! 

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