The infamous sexting scandal of Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to grow! In fact every single time one of the players speaks on the matter the story changes… 

Right after Kenya Moore insisted Apollo Nida is a liar and could be using her as a fence to cover up a possible affair with another woman, Apollo is defending his interactions with Kenya as strictly business!

Apollo claims he was only communicating with Kenya over a proposed business deal which makes even less sense considering Kenya was producing a product in direct rivalry to his wife Phaedra Parks!


According to sources at TMZ, Apollo is now saying he reached out to Kenya to propose a collaboration on a workout tape. Meaning the two would make a workout tape togther. Apollo is a personal trainer in case you forgot and Kenya is the booty exercise empress behind the Stallion Booty craze. 

Well the joint venture never got off the ground because Phaedra put a stop to the whole plan before Apollo ever got a chance to formally propose the idea to Kenya. Ok… yeah… mmmmm hmmmmm. Everybody knows if it looks like a donkey, walks like a donkey, and talks like a donkey it probably is a donkey's ass. 

Tonight the drama continues on Real Housewives of Atlanta with a new episode. Phaedra, hot on the heels of her fight with Apollo, heads to Alabama to visit family. Kandi's mom confronts Todd about his intentions with Kandi. Cynthia is forced to accept that daughter Noelle is growing up and Kenya gets her move on. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode so make sure to join us! 

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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