Kenya Moore Believes Apollo Nida Is Cheating On Phaedra Parks – Just Not With Her!

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Kenya Moore is facing some serious heat from Phaedra Parks for her "whorish tendencies". And Kenya being Kenya she is not taking Phaedra's insults lightly. 

Denying all of the allegations leveled against her the Real Housewives of Atlanta star insists that Apollo Nida is a liar and Phaedra is refusing to accept the truth. That truth being that Apollo is up to no good but Kenya isn't the lady he's up to no good with! 

"Apollo could not get his lies straight," Kenya decrees in her Bravo blog. "LIE #1: Phaedra told everyone (Kandi, Cynthia, and Porsha) on several occasions that I offered fellatio to Apollo. Once again, Phaedra launched a slander campaign to paint me as a whore. Kandi [Burruss] confirmed the texts were platonic. She looked like the fool she is when Apollo actually said point blank that I never offered sex of any kind to him." 


I agree that Apollo is up to something and Phaedra has a right to be suspicious. I also agree that Kenya was inappropriate in texting a married man. 

Speaking of the texts, Kenya maintains Apollo texted her first! "Lie #2: I didn’t initiate the texts. Kandi confirmed this when she read them for herself. When I called Apollo out for initiating texts with me from the reunion, everyone, including him, took it to mean they were sexual in nature."

"From that, he lashed out with an outrageous fable of me stalking him in LA and him changing hotels. When Phaedra continued to batter him for the so-called truth last night, she only painted him in a corner. Only more lies ensued. Apollo could not keep his story straight. The truth is I have never seen Apollo outside of the show. I’ve never seen him in Los Angeles or any other city. The texts also prove that. Apollo is a liar just like his lie-awyer wife. Phaedra should threaten to cancel his allowance if she wants to get the truth. He’ll sing like a bird."

"It’s obvious something happened in LA, but I was not there. Did Phaedra learn of another woman or why he was at a different hotel than he claimed to be? Clearly their marriage is in trouble, but I’m not the issue. I was the convenient fall guy for texting Apollo back."

"With that said, Phaedra continues to malign and attack me on every level including my fertility and age, yet, Phaedra is older than I am. Attacking her looks would be too easy for me, so I won’t stoop to her level." Except ALL LAST SEASON Kenya attacked Phaedra for her looks calling her fat over and over again! 

Kenya then questions what kind of Christian woman Phaedra is compared to her own virtuous Christianity because naturally no good Christian would ever act out of order and insult some. Right, Kenya… 

"The real issue is Phaedra’s troubled marriage and what is Apollo really doing with other women and why he can’t keep his eyes ON her," Kenya quips. "I’m not the issue."

Then Kenya tackles NeNe Leakes. After NeNe insinuated she was staying in the ghetto after being evicted, Kenya insists that is not true! 

"The truth is I was at the Georgian Terrace, which is a 4 star hotel with valet parking in a 2 BR 2 BA suite while the other side of hotel was being renovated. It may have looked like an apartment of some kind, but I can assure you it was not. The juxtaposition of the two places was funny, and I’ll take this one to the chin. But no one should try to count my money, especially when one has never owned a home of their own."

Well for a 4 star hotel that looked as dated and dumpy as a Motel 6 – I'd ask for a refund if I were Kenya

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