In case you missed it, Jenelle Evans was hauled off to jail Saturday for breach of peace, which is a fancy term for screaming like a foul-mouthed banshee in public. Of course, this happened just days after the Teen Mom 2 star revealed she's pregnant. Oh, and she's totally changed for the better, just wait and see! 

Now, new details have emerged about Jenelle's arrest, which she blamed on a neighbor.  Classic "LMFAO" Jenelle.  Her arrest report isn't nearly as amusing as Nathan Griffith's taser and vomit story from September, but it's a well-timed reminder that she has not changed one bit.  


According to North Myrtle Beach spokesman Patrick Dowling, officers were dispatched to Jenelle and Nathan's house around 4 PM Saturday due to complaints of a man and a woman yelling profanity outside their home. Nathan was outside alone when the officers arrived. He said Jenelle locked him out of the house after a verbal argument. Nathan told the officers he would "let things cool off" by taking one of their dogs for a long walk. 

Less than an hour later, officers returned to Jenelle and Nathan's house after receiving new complaints about yelling. Nathan crawled into the house through an unlocked window, and Jenelle locked herself in the bathroom. I can hear her screaming "LEAVE ME ALONNNEEE!" in my head. 

For reasons unknown, Jenelle stormed out of the house, "yelling profanity in a high-pitched voice."  Officers advised Jenelle to stop screaming, according to the report, and she told them to "go ahead and arrest" her because she would "just get right back out of jail." And that's exactly what happened – Jenelle was placed under arrest for breach of peace. She was booked at 5:11 and released on bond at 6:14.

Jenelle returned to Twitter at 7:34 PM, "Oh man that was funny."  She went on to deny fighting with Nathan and bitch about a neighbor making it all up to sell a story. This marks the Teen Mom 2 star's third arrest this year. In April, she was arrested for heroin possession, assault, and more, and in August, she was jailed for 48 hours for failing a drug test. 


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