Mama Joyce has certainly been letting her crazy, spiteful, and angry flag fly this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. But now she's claiming that it's totally not her fault as editing is making her look deranged. Um… I'd like to consult Carmon on this one! 

Joyce also says she is so upset that she may never return to RHOA! Not only does Joyce blame the editors, she also blames Carmon for setting the stage for her flip outs. 

Considering her daughter Kandi Burruss has admitted several times that family tension is seriously compromising her wedding plans, Mama Joyce's claims that Bravo manipulated her screen time to make her look like the future mother-in-law from hell doesn't exactly hold water with me, but that's what she claims. 

“I know Kandi had a decorator, her friend Carmon – and she put up all those pictures of Todd when he was a little boy," Joyce tells Radar Online. "When they showed the scene of me walking into the house and seeing all the pictures of Todd on the wall I was not talking about his pictures!” 


“I said, ‘Now that’s a damn shame,’ and what I really said was that shouldn’t be all him up there (on the wall). That shouldn’t be his wall. I said there were no picture of Riley or me. I didn’t just say there should be a picture of me," Mama Joyce recalled. “I said the pictures of Riley should be much higher and the pictures of Kandi’s daughter should be up there, not just pictures of Todd." 

"But they didn’t show that," she contests. "They only showed me saying it shouldn’t be just him.” Um… what of the bridal boutique beatdown – was that an editing trip too?

“I don’t know why they did that," Joyce laments. "I allowed it to be like that, I guess. I guess since they don’t pay me, they can do whatever they want.” They so pay her. Sorry, lady.

“That upset me so bad,” she complains. Joyce says if she would have been consulted before the final cut was made she would have "never agreed" to be portrayed like that

And because of all the faulty editing Joyce charges that she's likely quitting the show. Oh boooo. “I am very upset about what they did and I don’t know if I’ll be back on the show.” 

Hmmmm… hmmm… this sounds like the age-old excuse that all reality stars cry when they are shown acting crazy. Here's a tip: don't think you can avoid the pitfalls of looking foolish on TV. The networks have a vested interest in making you look crappy so they get viewers and attention! 

Moving on tonight is a brand new episode of RHOA. Tonight the ladies are back in Atlanta but still confronting past demons. Phaedra Parks comes face-to-face with Mynique Smith's husband and ends up arguing about the nature of their former 'relationship'

In other dramas, Mama Joyce has a health scare and Cynthia Bailey's sister Malorie comes to visit to check in on what Peter has been up to! Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode so make sure to join us! 

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