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For some reason Joyce Giraud has become a lightening rod for controversy on this season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Starting off right away by making enemies of Brandi Glanville, she's been taunted pretty much from day one.

Joyce confesses to People that she is surprised by her experiences because as a fan of the show prior to joining she definitely had preconceived opinions that turned out to be completely wrong! 

"I'm not gonna lie and say I never watched the show. I did watch the show," Joyce admits. "It's a guilty pleasure." 

And because of that Joyce went into it believing the ladies would act a certain way. "For example, I thought Kyle [Richards] was gonna be a terrible person, but I really like Kyle," Joyce acknowledges. "I thought Brandi and I would get along great. I thought 'Wow – this girl is honest. I love honest people.' And actually, I couldn't dislike her more." 


"I don't know what Brandi's problem is. When she started making racial remarks and calling me the wrong name, she was not drunk," Joyce clarifies. "I just think that Brandi is a conniving person that manipulates." Joyce believes Brandi's motivation is to "keep herself relevant."  

But she doesn't totally hate – I mean Brandi needs the show. "I get it – this is her life, this is all she does – but you don't have to be mean," Joyce advises. Apparently Brandi's behavior has really started rubbing more than Joyce the wrong way. 

According to a source the rest of the cast is "disgusted" by her actions while the show is airing and shocked by the way Brandi is handling the negative feedback. 

Brandi just doesn’t know when to stop,” an insider told Radar Online. “She is just continuing to be rude and instead of actually trying to apologize everything she says makes things worse.”

The insider claims both Richards sisters, plus Lisa Vanderpump, have reached out to Brandi since the show aired to counsel her on handling the negative PR and doing some damage control, but have been ignored – and they've all shared with her that they feel her behavior is damaging the show's reputation and ratings!

“They’re worried that not only is it going to affect the ratings but that it reflects poorly on the rest of them to be associated with her," the insider remarks. Kim Richards appeared on Brandi's podcast but there was no complaints of Brandi's behavior during the season. 

Lisa, who has taken heat for defending Brandi, took to twitter to again explain that at the time the show taped she was in a different place. 

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Tonight the drama at SUR continues when Brandi and Joyce continue to argue. Brandi dissolves into tears and flees. Later Joyce confronts Lisa about how she handled everything. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode so make sure to join us. We'll be sticking around on twitter for Vanderpump Rules as well! 

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