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Joyce Giraud is really getting off on the wrong foot with co-star Brandi Glanville. The two have been at odds since day one. Following this week's argument at Lisa Vanderpump's dinner party the two are still enemies. 

Joyce continues to be frustrated with Brandi's behavior and in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog she fills viewers in on her perspective and why she believes Brandi is behaving like a bully

First up the remnants of dinner: 

"The entire table was defending and making excuses for Brandi's behavior, and while I do find it admirable to stand up for your friends, true friends also stand up when someone is being attacked for no reason," Joyce writes. "Being a good friend doesn't mean you have to always agree with someone's bad behavior." 


Joyce is relieved Yolanda Foster had a 'friendtervention' with Brandi about her communication skills. "Even though at dinner, Yolanda condoned Brandi's behavior and tried to make excuses for her, I think after our conversation she understood my point." 

Joyce says her husband Michael only stepped in when the attacking got vicious. "He knows I can defend myself very well. But when Brandi started calling me 'stupid' and continued the 'f— yous' at me, he could not tolerate it any longer. You might agree or disagree with me here, but I would not expect any less from my partner."

Joyce also stands by her comment that Brandi needs rehab. "I have nothing against drinking," she articulates. "But when you are a person of public interest and it comes to the point that you are conducting yourself drunk multiple times in front of TV cameras and you have to witness a paparazzi documentation of your behavior, it's time to wake up and reevaluate if you are just having fun with friends or if you have a legitimate problem." Amen! 

"Although I do believe Brandi needs help, the night of the SUR dinner she was not drunk. She was just plain vicious," Joyce recalls. And this is why Joyce believes Brandi is a bully. 

"Some people say the word 'bully' is too strong of a word for her. If it is, I apologize. The reality is there were uncountable moments in this season when I felt bullied by her," Joyce clarifies. "Let's simply look into the definition of 'bully' and you decide for yourself: 1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people." 

"In my opinion, Brandi was being habitually cruel to me," Joyce expresses. "She did believe I was the weaker person, as I was the newcomer in this group and was supposed to just eat it up. Brandi was convinced I was going to be a dumb wallflower that would sit back and take her abuse."

"I am not a kid (although sometimes this has felt like the Beverly Hills Schoolyard). I am not a wallflower. I am not a victim — but I simply did not have a better term for Brandi to ingrain into her brain that what she had done to me was wrong and hurtful and needed to stop." 

Joyce maintains that she does not want to use the word "lightly" but she is hoping to bring awareness to the topic – not for adults, but for children. "At the end we are (and this includes Brandi) role models to many fans of the show, including many young viewers and certainly our own children." 

"I pray to God that people out there learn that it is not OK to attack someone multiple times and get away with it just because they think it's funny," Joyce continues. "I understand a good joke and can laugh about it. I did at the beginning with Brandi, as you remember. But a repeated joke at the expense of someone's feelings stops being funny very quickly."

Joyce is hopeful that Brandi can work on herself and stop projecting outwardly how she feels inside. "I think Brandi is a gorgeous girl and if she is lonely or miserable its only because she wants to be. No man would want to spend the rest of his life surrounded by someone so negative and mean."

Then Joyce goes onto breakdown Brandi's behavior and how she manipulates the group. I have to say she's really accurate. 

1. She plans a vicious attack

2. She goes on "f— you" rants when confronted

3. When she realizes she is wrong she plays the victim and starts crying

"I've seen her do that to other people, but now I lived it first hand. It's hard for me to have pity for someone like that. She always uses the 'I'm a single mother. Poor me' Card." 

Refusing to accept Brandi's excuses that she is a single mom or that she lost her dog, Joyce points out that she was raised by a single mom and that Brandi's dog tragedy happened after she started treating Joyce terribly. 

"My mom was a single mother who had three jobs to support us. Brandi is in the top percentile of the world. She lives a blessed life. Has a beautiful home, a car, money to support a great lifestyle, can buy whatever she wants and has two gorgeous boys. There are mothers out there who are struggling to pay rent and put food on their children's table," Joyce reminds us.

And her advice to Brandi: "Start counting your blessings and stop playing the victim. How difficult can her year have been? While I feel very sorry that she lost Chica, she is a best selling author, is on a hit show, and got a new home. . .Is life really that bad?"

"Regarding me calling Brandi a racist: I don't want to call her a racist any longer, as long as she admits that her behavior and her remarks have, in fact, been racist," Joyce writes. then tabulating all of Brandi's racist comments towards her. 

Joyce is adamant that all she wanted from the group was a "fair chance" and that the ladies get to know her. "Unfortunately at the beginning I didn't get it from some of the ladies." 

"After the SUR fiasco finally Lisa gave me a chance. She invited me to her home and I happily accepted her invitation as I had always liked her. She is a stunning and elegant woman from whom I could learn a lot — I love to learn from my girlfriends." 

"When I arrived at Lisa's beautiful home, I was very happy that we could finally have a one-on-one conversation and she could see where I was coming from. She could see the whole 'Hairgate' thing was silly and taken out of proportion. She saw that she needed to stop making excuses for her friend Brandi and 'chastising' (a new word I learned from Lisa) her behavior." 

"This is the moment when Lisa and I started to get to know each other, and I can happily say that right now we are in a great place." 

 think Joyce's blog is articulate, accurate, and well thought out – although longwinded. I hope now she can back away from talking about Brandi so much. 

Joyce is annoying and kind of plasticy-fake, but she makes very good – and true – points. Brandi did treat her poorly for seemingly no reason and continues to go after her mercilessly while making constant excuses.

I applaud Joyce for not backing down nor trying to win friends or viewers by "cozying up" to the so-called popular crowd, ala Carlton Gebbia. It takes gumption to stick to your guns, shantay you stay.

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