Jenelle Evans suffered a weekend full of relationship angst and social media meltdowns.  In other words, it's Monday!  Happy Monday, y'all! 

On Friday,  a source  "close to"  the Teen Mom 2 star shared,  "Jenelle and Nathan fight non-stop. Nathan is being really mean to Jenelle and is not paying attention to her. Nathan is talking to other girls and that's why she's saying he isn't paying attention to her. Jenelle is really hoping Nathan straightens out and stops acting so mean and starts treating her better."

Are you ready for this?!? One of the girls Nathan Griffith has been talking to is his ex-girlfriend, who is ALSO pregnant. Uh. Oh. SpaghettiOs.


In case you need a refresher:  Jenelle is married to Courtland Rogers, but she's living with and expecting a baby with Nathan

Nathan's ex-wife is Allison Stevens. They have a daughter together, Emery, who just turned three. At some point, lover boy ended up with Brianna Dorris, who has a daughter named Athena. She is not Nathan's daughter, but he was a part of her life before Jenelle happened.

Sad Fact:  Brianna is the only one in this mess who has custody of her child. Both Jace and Emery are being raised by a grandparent. Jenelle only plays house with Jace. #SelfieOpportunity #NotAMomJustPlaysOneOnTwitter


​Speaking of Twitter, back to today's Jenelle drama:

Brianna tweeted, "Don't run your mouth acting like you know everything. You don't Jenelle. Do not try to start something with me when I have proof of crap. You broke me and Nathan up. That's the truth. We were living, sleeping, and raising Athena together. You'll NEVER know the sh-t you did to me. I'm not getting in between you and Nathan.  Y'all talk about it.  But do not post about me online again when you don't know everything.  You literally ruined my life and family, for money?  For yourself to be happy? IDK. But it was wrong."

Jenelle responded, "LMFAO. Wow. You got sh-t twisted little one. He couldn't stand you by what he told me." To a fan, she added, "I talked to his [Nathan] entire family. They were done and broken up for months before I came along."

Brianna continued, "Wow.  Okay.  Believe what everyone tells you girl.  I'll be happy when it blows up in your face.  I was honest.  I don't need to prove anything to you you. Go figure it out yourself. Go through Nathan's phone records some more and check his Facebook. Get a f–king clue. It's black and white right in front of you dumb bitch! Don't believe just one side of the story honey! You're f–king dumb c–t if you think it's just me!! I have SS to prove it!"

Jenelle flip flopped between begging for the truth and laughing at Brianna

"Why can't anyone just tell me the truth so I can leave? I can't deal with this." to "Yr so thirsty for Nathan, it's too f–king funny.  I'm pregnant, yr pregnant.  That should say enough." 

"Tell me the truth.  Dude I'm pregnant with his child.  Please let me know what the truth is." to "He never responded to you on FB for a f–king reason, he's in love with me. Not you. LMAO. MOVE ON UR PREGNANT, so am I."


Jenelle went on to insist Brianna lives too far away for Nathan to have been with her physically. "I have all SS of all the messages. I'm not concerned about it. She can't ever be Jenelle Evans."  HAHA. That IS funny. 

Jenelle added, "We r together, never broke up and very happy. He rather not get on social media cuz his exes and people start sh-t, he said."  Nathan (Mr. Anti-Twitter?) tweeted, "I don't understand why so many people get involved in Jenelle and my life. We are happy and in love so lay off it!" 

Really, Nathan?  You have no idea why – when Jenelle puts all your business on Twitter – people are all up in your business? Take a seat, a selfie, whatever, just go away.  You are too dim for Twitter.  This relationship is doomed now that MTV has left the scene. 


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