Kenya Moore is continuing on talk show tour, defending her part in the brawl on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya stopped by to chat with Bethenny Frankel about everything from her shiny new Bentley, how fiscally responsible she is, NeNe's alleged set up at the pillow talk party and so much more!  Bethenny even reveals that Jill Zarin rented a Lambo in season one of Real Housewives of New York. We're sure Jill won't be able to resist a response in 3..2..1.. 

On Apollo's legal issues:

Bethenny: When you are all on the same show so you are friendly, you do business together, someone's scandal comes up so Apollo has his taken someone's identity scandal, do you all talk about that? Do you say hi, what's the deal?

Kenya: I've never seen him outside of Housewife taping but we talk about it amongst the cast obviously. I don't have anything to say to him after the lies he's told on me. I don't have a reason to have a conversation with him.

Bethenny: Do you think he's going to the clink?

Kenya: Oh, absolutely.


On her new car and many of the Real Housewives being broke:

Bethenny: So tell me about you having a Bentley, it's a flashy car, of course the other girls are going to say something. What's that whole dynamic or it's just no ones business because you are driving a white Bentley?

Kenya: You know what it is no one's business, it's just a car, I could care less. It's a car that I love but I needed a new car so okay it's a Bentley.

Bethenny: So it wasn't a gift from the guy then.

Kenya: I am not saying what it is but I have a new car. My thing is my grandmother instilled in me the best values anyone could ever learn. I would rather have a $10 purse with $100 in it then a $100 purse with $10 in it. So I could care less what they try to add up what I have or what I am paying for anything. I am very secure in what my choices are.

Bethenny: On New York Housewives, I remember when we first started New York Housewives Jill and Bobby rented a yellow Lamborghini or Ferrari for a couple of weeks because it was for a reality show and looked because everything looked so rich. On this franchise I don't think we've ever seen more people file for bankruptcy. It's a lot of all show and no go. So when you show up with a Bentley or Sheree's house that was a dirt hole people are going to talk.

Kenya: I am very responsible fiscally.

On the African prince:

Bethenny: Do you have an African boyfriend?

Kenya: I have a boyfriend and I don't go around town telling anyone anything about him that's for sure and not NeNe and the person that she's talking about she's met him so for her to pretend.

Bethenny: Is he from Atlanta?

Kenya: No, he's not from Atlanta. We were in Los Angeles and she met him there.

Bethenny: Why are we calling him an African boyfriend?

Kenya: He's from Africa. Who she's talking about, she's met and he's from Africa. The point is why is she so concerned about my car and everything. If she wants an upgrade she can ask her man to buy her a new car from their shared account.

Bethenny: Snap. Alright so  you do have a boyfriend and he lives in LA?

Kenya: He doesn't live in LA he lives in Africa.

Bethenny: Alright, so that seems like a long distance relationship.

Kenya: It is long distance but I am still single, I am not married yet I am still trying to figure it out. Until I am absolutely sure the relationship is reality proof I will continue to keep that private and under wraps.

Bethenny: Okay because NeNe was the one giving you shade on the massage table about Walter and saying it wasn't a relationship and watching it didn’t feel like a real boyfriend and it felt like it was what you needed at the time.

Kenya: That's right Bethenny you're one the smartest people I know and you're one of the only people that gets that. It wasn't that it wasn't a real relationship I was pushing for something, what I thought he could give me a baby, a marriage. We were obviously dating we were on a trip together but to say that it wasn't real it's unfair and untrue. I realized what I did.

Bethenny: How do you know you are not doing that again now because this is a long distance relationship, he's in Africa, you do want to get married, you do want to have a baby are you dating someone who is so far away because it is so disconnected?

Kenya: That is part of my dysfunction as a woman and having the history I have with my mother I am learning those things about myself, why do I pick the guys I pick. I've been proposed to seven times but I've never accepted a proposal, some of those guys were good guys. Even now, I feel like I have to make sure I pick the right guy and for the right reasons and I am figuring it all out.

On the escalating smackdowns on the Real Housewives shows:

Bethenny:  I feel like the New York cast they do fight a little bit more with their words.  But also it was years ago, it was the beginning of the Housewives. I feel like now if you don't beat someone's ass or rip out their weave, the ratings aren't going to be great and you guys have the greatest ratings, so is any of it sensationalized?  I mean this has to be provoked if in your real life you wouldn't have this kind of an argument.

Kenya:  Well, let me say this…first of all that's not our brand and you know that.  Our show is number one because of universal stories.  We're watched by blacks, whites, asians, gay, straight, people love our show because they identify with these women, their stories, and they're universal stories, period.  And our show is funny.  We read people, we keep it moving, we're not a vicious group of people, we certainly don't demean ourselves by hitting one another and coming to blows.  And in our defense, it was very embarrassing and I was embarrassed to be a part of that.  It's not our brand and that's something that you'll probably something you'll never see from our franchise because we don't need that.  We were number one before, we'll be number one after.

Kenya's part in the brawl with Brandon, et al.

Bethenny:  So what was your part in it and what happened?  People have commented about how Nene acted, I kind of want to go through it just for a minute.  

Kenya:  Well let me just say, when I arrived Nene was as we say she seemed like she was on one.  Her mood was very foul, she was very vicious toward me and she berated me with insults the moment she walked in the door.  

Bethenny:  You feel like she was lit up before she got there.

Kenya:  She was lit up before I arrived.

Bethenny:  I don't mean on something…

Kenya:  High percent of her behavior.  So it just seemed like it was a setup from the beginning. I had an argument the week prior with another woman that was there, it was resolved. I was over it and all of the questions NeNe was asking were inflammatory and she wouldn't let anything go…very provocative and with the mood and the tone she set. She set the stage.

Bethenny: Because it's her party and when you set the tone and the stage and if she's wound up the guests aren't relaxed.

Kenya: Yeah, and when I arrived it almost was as if she opened the door for everyone else to treat me that way.

Bethenny: Okay, I know NeNe and people on Twitter were saying was she on drugs? Was she lit up in that way? I don't know obviously but I know NeNe, to be on that show for six years, I would be in a straight jacket. I would she's be on for six years. It's a lot of pressure, I give her credit for being able to sustain that. What have you been on two seasons? It's a lot you have highs and lows. I know other Housewives in the franchise who have said to me I have to take something to relax.

Kenya: Well I don't take any drugs, I have a hard time taking Advil if I have a headache so I don't understand people who take drugs to.

Bethenny: No, no I am not saying that she does. That's how heightened it is that other people have said to me that they can't take it, the screaming, the tweeting, the fighting.

Kenya: It's difficult. I really feel bad about after watching this whole thing unfold is the fact that I was blamed for it by NeNe and as a woman she said to me, 'You're lucky you didn't get your ass beat.' Who says that, a woman that's been beaten before by a man, that has suffered through domestic violence. For you to say that was completely unacceptable. It gets worse.






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