kenya moore

Kenya Moore hung out in the clubhouse with Andy Cohen tonight and, as usual, made tuning in worth our while!  Kenya dished on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, her beef with Brandi Glanville, blaming NeNe Leakes for the RHOA brawl and so much more! 

Andy jumps right in and asks Kenya about the ladies saying that she "rushed" Christopher in the brawl at NeNe's pillow party.  "First of all, you can't rush in six inch heels.  I stood up very calmly and began to walk across the room. No one rushed anyone. "

Andy says, "NeNe said you were wearing a diapers, by the way".  Kenya replied, "Well at least I could fit in a child's diaper and not an adult diaper like some of us."


He then brings up Kenya's Tweet, calling Brandi Glanville out. Andy says "you tweeted that Brandi Glanville from Orange County Housewives was an ass clown, what motivated that?" 

Kenya corrects Andy on not being able to keep his housewives straight "oh Beverly Hills, you mean?  Well she's an idiot really.  She went after me in a blog because I said how ignorant her comments were when she went after Joyce about black people not being able to swim.  so, that's why she's an ass clown."

When Andy mentions Phaedra's comment that as black women they shouldn't be fighting like this, Kenya snipes back, "Well, maybe she should tell her husband that!" 

Was she surprised to get the blame? "No, I think some of the ladies on the show definitely have it out for me. I think what you see isn't the entire story." She firmly places the blame on NeNe and Apollo.  "I believe it was NeNe. She set the tone in the room, she agitated everyone from the time I walked in. She said some really foul things to me when I arrived and they were out of control. She was acting very hyped up on something. I don't know.  But she was not acting herself. It's funny because everyone is saying, the world is saying, that it was NeNe's fault and Apollo's fault, but none of these ladies can stand up to her and call her out for what she's done."

When Andy asks Kenya if she's single, she says "I'm not married".  And segue into the next caller's question, "Kenya, where is the mystery prince from Africa and when are we going to see him?" She shares, "Well, I learned a big lesson from last season about exposing my personal life to the world and I just want to make sure i keep things under wraps until I know that's the right thing to do.  Right now I'm really happy with keeping it a secret."

Her thoughts on NeNe calling Brandon a queen: "I was really disgusted by that. It was really disgusting to watch someone that's built her entire career off of copying gay men's lingo for her to make such defamatory and humiliating remarks.  I think it was uncalled for and it's no place to gay bash.  We're a show that loves gay people, obviously.  Some of my best friends are gay.  How does it matter what someone's sexuality is whether they got beat up or not.  What does that have to do with anything? It was completely uncalled for and I was quite disturbed by those remarks."

When someone asked if she'd considering using Wayne Brady (her co-star on tonight's show) for a sperm donor she replied that she doesn't need one now and Andy asked (with a surprised face) "oh you found one?" and she played coy, saying "keep watching, just keep watching".

The last caller asks what Kenya thinks about Angela Stanton's book about Phaedra and Apollo, "I think there's some truth to it.  I think the truth always comes to light. What you do in the dark will be exposed and I think that's what we're seeing now."

Andy: "Have you reached out to Apollo since (the legal happenings went down)?"   Kenya throws him an "are you insane?" look and says "I think the marshals may have reached out to him, I haven't."  Burn. Two points for Kenya. 


Photo Credit: Twitter