Kenya Moore is justified in taking offense to NeNe Leakes' accusation that she was the cause of the Real Housewives of Atlanta brawl. 

Why yes, Kenya contributed, she is clearly not the sole blame. In her new blog, Kenya advises NeNe to re-evaluate what happened that night and stop pointing fingers in her direction. 

"This was a very difficult episode to watch for me. Firstly, I expected more from these women. Regardless of what personal feelings they may have against me, I am a woman first. We are all women," Kenya begins.

And then Kenya confronts Kandi Burruss' behavior – and how they were both upset about the same thing. They were? "I watched Kandi explode into a blackout rage stating she would 'kill' people and 'drag them.' We all have triggers and are not perfect. My issue is not with Kandi’s fit of anger, but with the acceptance of her behavior from the women over the same point that I attempted to make: NO ONE SHOULD EVER PUT HIS OR HER HANDS ON YOU."


"During the aftermath of the melee, I watched each woman cavalierly recall the events as each laughed about what happened to Brandon and at their behavior, none acknowledging Apollo’s assault on Brandon. Not one single woman called Brandon to check on him," Kenya says.

"Secondly, men have physically abused some of us, including NeNe, in our past. Instead of NeNe pointing the blame at me for standing, they all should have been outraged that a man would grab me for any reason in their presence. Yet, they chose to focus on rudimentary finger pointing and attempting to make me the fall guy."

I honestly do not think EVERYONE was trying to make Kenya the fall guy. Since there was a lot going on and everyone had different vantage points I believe many people simply did not see Christopher grab her. Kenya did "charge" across the room, but NENE is the one that instigated the matter by bringing up Kenya's comments about Christopher and Natalie's marriage. I personally think NeNe holds a lot of the blame. 


"NeNe leads the charge again trying to blame me for everything including Apollo’s brutal and unjustified beating of Brandon. What’s even more disturbing is all the gay bashing and offensive language used by NeNe to humiliate and demean Brandon. NeNe maliciously and repeatedly referred to him as 'that queen' and 'her girlfriend in the red dress' etc," Kenya adds. 

"First of all, NeNe had no right to target Brandon as he did nothing wrong and is more of a man than NeNe tries to be. Christopher stood up and then hovered over me first while NeNe sat back pleased with herself over the contemptuous, hate-filled environment she created. After Christopher violently grabbed me, Brandon admirably defended me. Yet, at the spa, NeNe relentlessly argues Christopher 'never touched' me when we all clearly saw he did.  If that wasn’t enough, she exclaims, 'You’re lucky you didn’t get your ass beat', etc."

"Phaedra stated “Brandon wrote a check that his ass couldn’t cash” yet never once apologized on behalf of her husband. How ironic… One word: karma. Phaedra and NeNe both condoned violence with these remarks and for that, I’m deeply hurt and embarrassed for their disgusting beliefs."

Finally Kenya calls NeNe a hypocrite for her derogatory comments about Brandon's sexuality. 

"NeNe has built her entire career on the backs of 'queens' by using gay lingo and imitating their behavior. For NeNe to hurl the word queen around in a negative and derogatory way in an effort to demean someone is hateful and completely unacceptable. I’m deeply offended as should the entire LGBT community. This type of hateful speech is unacceptable." Is it worse than the time Kenya offensively accused Walter of being gay? And didn't Kenya use the F-word on an episode last season? 

Kenya concludes, "I will not be NeNe’s puppet or bullied into apologizing for actions of other people and am truly sorry for any role I played. I am no victim, but I am a human being with feelings and I am deeply hurt by the lack of support I have received from these women."

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