Family Equality Council's Annual Los Angeles Awards Dinner

Impasse! The Wicked Witch of The Valley Snarlton Gebbia is in a lurch – meaning her friend Brandi Glanville now hates Lisa Vanderpump – and what's a very, very benevolent witch who hates fakeness to do? Defend Lisa of course. Carlton is also shocked by how two-faced Kyle Richards has been in regard to Lisa, which duh – hasn't Carlton been watching for the past three seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

"Speaking with Lisa about the whole Kyle ordeal was painful again, but after explaining I knew she saw my point of view. I definitely think Lisa was absolutely right about Kyle after watching the flashbacks from last year," Carlton writes in her Bravo Blog. "And now Kyle keeps speaking negatively about Lisa behind her back at every opportunity she has, then smiles to her face. But Lisa consistently defends Kyle to me."

"As if I didn't have enough reasons to dislike her. I personally know Lisa to be a wonderful soul, certainly not mean or manipulating, and she always seems to be the voice of reason. I don't like watching some of the women starting to talk negatively about her. That has not been my experience with her at all."


"I adore Brandi but with all due respect she called it wrong," Carlton adds. "Brandi wasn't actually there when she hurled the defamatory anti-Semitic lie. So, no I strongly disagree with that. Also she has had first hand experience and repercussions with false accusations being called a racist. There has to be consequences for people that just throw out dangerous and baseless lies and then pathetically apologize like it's no big deal."

As for Kyle claiming Carlton uninvited her to her husband's business event, Carlton says that is a lie. "Just to be very clear here Kyle you were 'never' invited to my husband and family's business celebration. Reality check." LOL! 

As for some other Carlton particulars she gives background about why Kyle's comments so offended her and her family business. 

"I am so proud of my incredible husband and for my family to celebrate their businesses, StockCross, along with Gebbia Custom Estates, Rival Sports, and Park Wilshire Insurance having such a positive presence in Beverly Hills. Celebrating 40 years is huge, especially for a family run company. Shockingly they still love one another after working so close together," Carlton says, explaining that his father-in-law was an Italian immigrant who built the company from the ground up. Wow! 

Discussing why Kyle's comment hurt her so, Carlton reveals that she partially grew up in South Africa where she experienced prejudice firsthand. "I will admit it was really hard to watch myself get emotional and remember my own personal experience with prejudice and hate," she recalls. "Some may not think that being called anti-Semitic is not devastating to hear — but I was fourteen years old when I moved to South Africa. I understand hate. I had friends before I left England who were black so when I moved to this land foreign to me at such a pinnacle age of my life it was a major culture shock."

Also, can we talk about how good Carlton looks in the above photo? Who is this woman? And where is the orangina tan-loving wannabe MILF we see on the show?

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