Kyle Richards is calling shenanigans on Lisa Vanderpump again!  Or at least she's trying to… 

Kyle has claimed she desperately wants her friendship with Lisa back on track and then turns around and does everything to the contrary – even going so far as to blatantly accuse Lisa of lying several times!

In her blog, Kyle again questions Lisa's loyalty, behaviors, and also her friendship with Brandi Glanville. "It's a shame our vacation in beautiful Puerto Rico started off like this. I was hoping to be able to speak privately with Lisa — without the others around the next day. I had a lot of unanswered questions and really wanted to talk things through and hopefully enjoy our vacation together," Kyle begins. 

Unfortunately after being mauled by a bunch of botox-starved sharks, Lisa ditched her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars and headed to the nearest 5-star resort to recuperate. 


Now back to the tabloids and Mauricio cheating rumors which Kyle can't stop talking about. Because who exactly cares about what tabloids say? Oh right… people who are desperate for relevance and attention. A guest star on Days of Our Lives better get used to the scrutiny! 

"Lisa kept saying she hadn't seen the tabloids, but she brought them up way back before the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce party," Kyle questions. "Why didn't Lisa go to Brandi in Puerto Rico and confront her if Brandi was lying? And why did Lisa go up to Brandi at the dinner and say 'I love you'? If someone had said that I did or said something that I did NOT do, I would have confronted them and certainly not said 'I love you.'" states Kyle, obviously FAILING to get the point that LIsa was trying to point out to Brandi that she loves her and this is how Brandi treats her. But you know Kyle is all hair, no brain!  

Kyle continues, "The Lisa I know would not tolerate someone making up a story about her. Obviously, I know Lisa better than Brandi so I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt." Except you didn't… 

Other than that Kyle rambles about Mauricio and some other stuff. Ok Kyle – time to go whip your hair back and forth while wearing a caftan – or whatever it is you do.

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