These girls just won't quit!

In her recent Bravo blog Lisa Vanderpump explains what motivated her to leave Puerto Rico in the middle of the night (in addition to the onslaught from her castmates they left because Ken was having health problems) and she is saddened that none of her supposed friends reached out to her. 

"I was deeply hurt and had not heard from any of them, which was fascinating by virtue of the fact that this was just an accusation, hurled by someone who had a penchant for vindictive, defamatory statements," Lisa wrote alluding to Brandi Glanville and the tabloid accusation. 


Responding to Lisa, Kyle Richards insists she did contact Lisa after her rapid exit from Puerto Rico. Proving that she reached out to her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate, Kyle tweeted a photo of text messages (with varying dates) that she allegedly sent to Lisa post-incident

"in your blog @lisavanderpump u said u "had not heard from any of them" after PR…But you heard from me 3 X's…," Kyle tweeted. "I called also," she added.


Lisa denies that she got these, combating with, "Exactly I turned my phone off and hid.i knew producers would try to find me!"

Instead of picking up the phone, Kyle and Lisa went back and forth on twitter. "@LisaVanderpump if so ,when u turned back on u saw that I was trying to reach you. Multiple times. Just clarifying," Kyle wondered. Lisa did not respond.

Lisa is also upset that Kyle chose to make private conversations public and states she would never "stoop" to that level. 

Yolanda Foster hopped into the mix, claiming she too reached out to LisaScreen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.50.50 AM

Lisa denies this as well, "No @YolandaHFoster there was never any text from you, you might have to push the send button. The first text is me 9/10 wishing u better," Lisa insists.

Well, I don't know what to think. And frankly I'm pretty over all this nonsense. I feel bad for Lisa, but I also think she probably doesn't want to be friends with these women, was hurt and offended, and if she got the texts did not respond. Who knows – I sure wouldn't after the PR showdown! But then again, I'm not contractually obligated to be "friends" (Hollywood or otherwise) with any of them.

Frankly, I'm still confused about why Yolanda and Lisa aren't friends… 


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