Brandi Glanville & Kenya Moore Celebrity Apprentice PieFace

Well, well… it seems two egomaniacal, desperate for drama, truth-stretching, attention whores can't get along. Who wouldda thought it?! Anyone who did not see this coming is dumber than Porsha Stewart a rock! 

According to sources Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville are already on the outs during the filming of Celebrity Apprentice. And we're only ONE challenge in! In actuality, however, they didn't like each other before filming even started and now that they're forced to work together all hell is breaking loose! "They were feuding long before they ever got on set, so it’s only gotten worse now that there’s a competition involved," a source explains to Radar Online. 


Sources tell Us Weekly that during the most recent pie challenge Brandi and Kenya were testy with each other, idle, and more concerned with fans. "Brandi and Kenya are not getting along so far at all," a source discloses. A Radar source elaborates, “At Pieface, they seemed more interested in talking to their fans and taking photos, than trying to raise money or help their team with the task at hand."

The icing on the cake is that Kenya was "rude" to Brandi's friend and fellow Housewife Kristen Taekman who was on hand to support Brandi during the challenge. "Kenya just looked down her nose at her and completely blew her off."

Sources at Radar add that the competition is definitely bringing out the worst in the ladies! “As everyone knows, these two ladies don’t have a filter, so this season is going to be a wild ride,” an NBC source shared. “Cue the catfights!”

As for Kate Gosselin, she's also been less than helpful at the most recent challenge, but so far she is "keeping her distance" from Brandi. Hope Brandi doesn't get wind of Kate's rumored affair with her bodyguard. Oh my… 

All I have to say is this is going to be a very interesting boardroom! 

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