Sonja Morgan Delusional

Sonja Morgan's bankruptcy is much worse than she wants it to appear. When Ramona Singer expressed concern that Sonja's assets were being seized and sold by a bankruptcy trustee, she wasn't kidding! 

This week the Real Housewives of New York star lost her fabulous St. Tropez home when the bankruptcy trustee demanded it be sold to discharge her debts. Sonja acquired the property in her divorce settlement. 

Trying to keep up the charade, Sonja has been claiming that she actually sold the property but court papers prove otherwise! Sonja was attempting to liquidate the property for $8 million to settle the $7 million dollar judgment against her, but it failed to sell. The court then decided she wasn't making a serious effort and took matters into their own hands.


The court sold Sonja's property for $5.7 million. As for the much reduced price, TMZ reports there were a lot of issues with unloading the place related to poor upkeep. And a heard of wild boars destroyed much of the landscaping. Oops. 

Moving on, as part of settling her Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Sonja has to submit financial documents to the court to verify her earnings. She owes Hannibal Pictures for backing out of a motion picture deal after her marriage broke up and the company is permitted to take out liens against Sonja's earnings and assets if she isn't making an earnest effort to repay her debt. 

So just how much does Sonja make starring on RHONY? $426,500! Court documents, obtained by Radar Online, verify, "Morgan’s current annual gross earned income of $426,500 derived from her employment as a performer on the reality television program The Real Housewives of New York, as reported in her monthly operating reports filed with the Court.”

The season 6 reunion just wrapped and Bravo is trying, yet again, to revamp the struggling show. Including a much faster turnaround between seasons so viewers don't lose interest in the storylines and characters. Rumor has it Sonja was the first lady to resign her contract.

Sonja, along with Ramona, LuAnn, Carole, and Heather have all been offered contracts while Kristen Taekman and Aviva Drescher remain in limbo.

Aviva is said to be the most likely to be cut because her storyline doesn't resonate with viewers and she was incredibly demanding to work with. Network execs are intrigued by Kristen and what she has to offer, so she may stay either as a full-time cast member or friend of the Housewives. Additionally the show will bring on another Housewife. The ladies are still negotiating their salaries. 

Moving on tonight the cast heads to Montana but Aviva claims her allergies are too bad to travel. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the show, so make sure to join us! 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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