melissa gorga at the 2014 bravo upfronts

For the first time since Melissa Gorga joined Real Housewives of New Jersey, family feuding will not dominate the storyline. Of course, that just means there's room for other feuds! With non-family members. Oh goody. 

This year twin sisters Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea join the cast, along with Melissa's former friend Amber Marchese (pronounced Mar-CHEESY – how perfect, amirite?!). And, of course, Dina returns now that her family members have been kicked off the show. 

"I think they fit in really well. It's fresh and different," Melissa tells WetPaint about the new cast members. "But it's a bumpy road… There's a lot of things you won't expect to happen." 


Melissa also shares that she has met Dina Manzo before through Project Ladybug. "I've always supported Project Ladybug – way before the Housewives existed," claims Melissa. "I used to go to her charity events for the photo ops and famewhoring. I knew her for a while." Look Facebooking about their existence doesn't count as support Melis!


Melissa adds that she "loves Caroline to death," but it sounds like Melissa and Dina don't have the coziest of relationships this season. But we'll see… I wonder if Teresa Giudice has anything to do with that?

Of course since this is Jersey, the husbands are as drama-seeking and desperate for attention as their over-the-top be-sparkled wives! Melissa warns viewers that the Househusbands will be a major source of controversy. "Some you're gonna love and some you're gonna hate," predicts Melissa. 

Well, well – this all sounds interesting! I wonder which one of the new girls is most desperate for attention and drama. My money is on Amber, I mean she was friends with Melissa, after all… 

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