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This is just so ironic. I mean if I looked up "ironic" in the dictionary the below story would be in the description.

Anyway, Brandi Glanville is super nervous about what ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his second wife LeAnn Rimes might say about her in their new reality show LeAnn & Eddie, so she's hired a lawyer to essentially gag order them.

Brandi feels she has grounds because in the couple's divorce settlement there was a clause that states the exes can't publicly trash talk each other. Which is where the hilarious irony comes in, because Brandi has made a CAREER of publicly trash talking Eddie and LeAnn. She's done it on her reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, on talk shows, in the press, on twitter, in the media, in two books, in her podcast – really anywhere. I mean if Brandi couldn't publicly trash talk her ex and his new wife, she wouldn't actually have anything to say and might as well be mute!


"Eddie was worried that if Brandi bad-mouthed him, it would hurt his career,” an insider explains as the reason for the clause. “But the clause works both ways and she thinks he and LeAnn have completely violated it.” Well too late now, because as I said above Brandi's career is violating it! LeAnn & Eddie airs July 17th, so I guess Brandi is lawyering up in preparation just in case they "violate". 

The Brandi insider tells Life & Style, “She doesn’t give a crap what they think about her behind closed doors, but to attack her on TV, where it can affect her children — it’s disgusting.”

I am seriously laughing hysterically right now – this woman is insane. Literally and totally insane. I mean sure, she married a louse who cheated, but Brandi has been talking about him non-stop, complaining about it non-stop, playing victim non-stop ever since. If this story is true than I cannot wait until Eddie counter-sues her and seizes all those book royalties! 

Oh Brandi, meet karma – she's a bitch. Which means you two have something in common!

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