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LuAnn de Lesseps has had it with Ramonja! And really – who hasn’t?

After Ramona Singer tried to insinuate that LuAnn was afraid to sing live at Birdland because she didn’t have Auto-tune at her disposal, LuAnn explains what happened, that she did actually sing, and also reveals that Sonja Morgan is seriously desperate delusional where Harry Dubin is concerned!

“I think all of us have issues with our men at the moment. . .,” LuAnn writes about the last episode of Real Housewives of New York. “Things between Jacques and myself have been getting tense lately. We have been bickering a lot more recently,” LuAnn admits.



Jacques and I both love each other very much, but I’m wondering if we can go the distance? We are just at different places in our lives for the moment, so it’s hard! I expected the photo shoot to go a lot more smoothly, but that wasn’t the case. We are both learning that we need to do some work to make the relationship last.” Jacques and LuAnn ultimately broke up after filming wrapped. 

In fact, LuAnn shares that her issues with Jacques are what prevented her from being prepared and singing at Birdland. “The truth is I really wasn’t up to singing that night because I had a fight with Jacques that day and that’s why he wasn’t there. I just wasn’t in the mood and Ramona pushing me only made it worse.” #MoneyCantBuyYouClass

Ramona was just awful to me, and I felt like crying not singing,” LuAnn says. “Ramona would of thrown me under the bus whether I sang or not. That’s just how Ramona is with me — horrible — and I don’t care what she thinks of me!”

LuAnn says that Heather Thomson‘s amazing performance later inspired her to give one of her own. “I thought Heather was amazing and I love her for getting up there and belting out her tune. I’m proud of her, and that’s what friends are for. I actually got up and sang ‘Hey Big Spender’ later that night after Heather. She inspired me to get up there, and it actually felt great to sing. Sorry you missed it!”

“I thought Mario singing to Ramona was very sweet! I really wanted to give him the limelight that night, as I knew he’d been practicing and wanted it to be his night,” LuAnn adds. “No thanks from Ramona for that one, of course. It’s great that he likes to sing. Maybe he can go on the road with Sonja soon?”

Speaking of Sonja, well there’s more to Sonja’s delusions than thinking “caburlesque” is going places! “>I think  Sonja’s relationship with Harry is a long one. They are more friends than anything, as I see Harry stepping out with other women all the time,” LuAnn quips. “He’s even been dating a friend of mine recently, so I don’t think their relationship is serious in the least.”

“I know Sonja would like things to be different but that’s not the reality of the situation. Harry is not the kind to settle down. He’s a player! Its a good thing Sonja has other men like 23-year-old Ben to keep her busy!” It seems like Harry was more interested in that chicken wing he was eating than he is in Sonja!

Well, well – LuAnn is feeling quite chafed and throwing some countess-y shade in the much-needed direction of Pinot and Commando. Those two need to zip it and go fix themselves before pointing fingers at others.

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