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Am I watching the same Real Housewives of Atlanta that Cynthia Bailey is?  Because “positive” is not the word that immediately comes to mind when I think of our illustrious scepter Bedroom Kandi Felonious Husband Wig peach-wielding women of Bravo!

Despite the brawls, the bickering, and the bad behavior Cynthia still feels the show sets a positive and empowering example for women! She does? “I don’t think anyone felt good about that situation,” Cynthia admits about the reunion brawl. “However, I do think that in so many other ways, we are still a great platform and are great examples of empowerment.”


As for the many ways the show demonstrates things like women succeeding in business, love, and friendship. “We are businesswomen. Most of my cast mates, including myself, we have discipline. We are businesswomen… People do find inspiration in watching our show,” Cynthia emphasized.

But Cynthia admits not all the ladies think the same way – and not all the ladies treat the platform with responsibility and grace. Yes, not everyone can be Miss WHO-S-A! Cynthia also reveals that, unfortunately, sometimes reality TV brings out the worst in people. “With reality television – it’s reality, so sometimes things just happen and the fight was just unfortunate, and hopefully, the last time that’s going to happen on our show,” Cynthia maintains. “People don’t tune into Atlanta Housewives for the fights.” They don’t?

“We don’t usually fight,” Cynthia says, not making the distinction between all the screaming fights and the one time it got physical (which is definitely disgusting!). Cynthia adds that she takes this platform very seriously – and is not about to let a good opportunity go to waste! “I always appreciate this platform to show grace and class and integrity and positivity. I’m just one woman. That’s what I do, so I can only speak for myself,” she tells The Grio.

Reacting to NeNe Leakes‘ comments that the show would be lost without her, Cynthia dismisses that. “I don’t think Real Housewives of Atlanta is about one person. It’s an ensemble. It’s always been an ensemble. It’s never been about one person. This is a pie and we all put ingredients in it and that’s what makes it work.”

“If it was just about one person, that one person would go off and do their own show because they would have that much power to do it,” Cynthia says, forgetting about Kim Zolciak‘s ragingly successful spinoff.

BTW: Kandi’s Wedding recently garnered huge ratings coming off of RHOA’s most successful season – and Kandi’s wedding show barely featured her castmates. And NeNe was nary a place to be found.

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