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Earlier this year, Brandi Glanville made a point to tell fans that she is a very busy lady. When she’s not filming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’s writing for an Australian magazine, filming video blogs, embarrassing herself on her podcast, and raising her boys.

Brandi forgot to mention author of Drinking & Tweeting and Drinking & Dating. But she shared this list of jobs on Watch What Happens Live, so she was probably drinking and interviewing.

Well it sounds like Brandi‘s list has grown! On her latest podcast, she bragged, “I have a lot of great business things going on.” Brandi went on to reveal that she’s developed a “Blunders Block” app to keep us from drinking and tweeting or drinking and twittering when we’re drunk. Cause everyone drinks to the point of stupidity like Brandi does, right?


Brandi explained, “After your second glass of wine, you can open the app and block phone numbers for up to 12 hours. They disappear from your phone.” If you have a bad habit of drunk tweeting, you can use the app to block social media accounts for up to 12 hours as well. But, if you choose to live on the drunken edge and drink and tweet, the app will fix your spelling and alert you to foul language. She called these issues #BrandiBlunders on Twitter.

Speaking of drinking, we’ll all be able to drink Brandi‘s very own wine soon.

“I have a wine coming out with the same people who did Skinny Girl,” shared Brandi. “We’re trying to come up with the name right now. We’re kind of on the fence of ‘Unfiltered’ because we love the podcast and everyone kind of says that when they think of me. But at the same time when I see unfiltered on a wine bottle I’m thinking like grey and milky. I liked ‘STFU & Drink’ but the distributors said no.”

Hold onto your pants because we are not done yet! Brandi took to Twitter to announce her new “STFU” and “FU” t-shirts, available sometime this week via her personal website. I know what y’all are getting for Christmas!

Brandi Glanville t-shirts

Is there anything Brandi Glanville can’t do? HaHa, just kidding, but feel free to offer an answer if you must. 😉 


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