Brandi Glanville Says She Never Hooked Up With Jax; Calls Lisa Vanderpump Smartest Person On The Planet

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After tonight's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville was Andy's guest on Watch What Happens Live.  She was initially supposed to be paired up with Denise Richards, but Jenny McCarthy stepped in.  We were sort of expecting a dishy episode since Jenny and Brandi are both so outspoken, but it was fairly mild. 

Andy kicks things off by showing Brandi a clip of Kenya's slam last night on WWHL.  Brandi says, "I agree with her that it was an assholic thing to say.  But I still think she needs some..something.  The dark dark makeup, it's like really ashy and weird."   When Andy says she almost apologized and then took it back, Brandi says "I learned from Vanderpump how to do that".


Andy asks, "do you think Lisa's mothering is just trying to protect you and be nice to you?" Brandi lets Jenny McCarthy answer for her "I think Lisa is looking out for Lisa's spinoff is what I think"  Brandi says "I think you're right. She doesn't mother me off camera.  So I feel like if you're gonna mother me be genuine about it."

Do you think you've had a real friendship with her?  "I love her. Of course we've had a real friendship. You wonder if you're playing a role or not. I love her. It's hard, it's hard."

Jenny asks "do you ever feel manipulated when she causes drama with like her SUR employees and drags you in it?" Brandi says, "yeah, totally". 

When they start showing clips from tonight's Vanderpump Rules reunion, Jenny tells Andy that it's her producer's favorite show – he's addicted.  Brandi digs "it's my favorite scripted show on television" and Andy says "OH PLEASE. You know all those people".  Brandi quips "not by choice!"  

A caller asks why all the girls are afraid to be on the bad side of Lisa and is there anything you've said or done that you regret because you didn't want to piss Lisa off?  "I piss everyone off on the daily, so probably. I don't know."  And on Lisa's intimidation factor "she is the smartest woman on the planet, I promise you."  Jenny adds "she does seem like she could manipulate anybody into doing anything..I love her."

Fan question: "Brandi do you ever worry about how your public behavior affects your children?"  Brandi doesn't exactly answer straight, "My children are the healthiest little men on the planet.  They're great, wonderful. They're wonderful."

Andy asks if Brandi had to choose between Jax and Tom for a one night stand, she says she chooses Stassi.  Andy finally asks her if she's ever been with Jax, she says no, never even kissed him.  Andy didn't buy it.

This morning Brandi said on The View that she has five jobs, so she's asked to list them:

  • 1. I write for an Australian magazine. 
  • 2. Video blogs
  • 3.  Podcast
  • 4. The show
  • 5. I'm a mom. 

During tonight's WWHL, Lisa did take to Twitter to address the issue of Lisa having Scheana at her party and not some other random SUR staffer since she knew Brandi would be there.  "Yes you're right @jennymccarthy, production orchestrated Scheana to be there,I objected & they is what it is." 


Photo Credit: Twitter