So, the Kardashians have been quiet lately, haven’t they? Yeah, right! If Kim and krew could go a day without gracing every form of media, I may be concerned for their well-being–or the well-being of North West, although Kanye West already has that covered. More on that in a bit…

#IJustCan’t #hashtag #NoDash Someone is pranking the Hamptons, and this time it’s not someone being followed around by camera crews. Residents of the upscale beach community have been up at arms since Kourtney Kardashian, Lord Douchebag Disick, and family moved in along with sister Khloe for yet another Keeping up with the Kardashians spin-off. Now, someone’s gone a bit Banksey with their attempts to rid the town of the show.


According to Page Six, someone has been slapping stickers all over the Hamptons that feature a photo of the Kardashians and the caption #NoDash. That’s going to start trending soon, right? While no one knows who is papering the town (ten bucks says it’s Kris Jenner trying to generate more buzz for the show!), authorities say they will cite anyone who is caught vandalizing in such a manner. I just want one of these stickers!

If that isn’t bad enough, Kimye has apparently hired body doubles for both North and her nanny to throw paparazzi off their true trail. In fact, they even held auditions for the roles! Life & Style claims that Kanye  is so freaked out about North’s safety in the spotlight that he’s gone to drastic measures.

A source reveals, “Kanye isn’t trying to control any press about North. He’s genuinely afraid for her safety and doesn’t want people to be able to track her every move,” adding, “He is talking to other really rich and famous people about how they keep their kids safe and what extra precautions he can take. He isn’t taking any chances.”

So, I have two questions…it’s okay to endanger someone else’s baby by allowing them to be chased by the paps as long as it’s not your kid? And second, what kind of parent lets their child be the body double for North, thus putting her in that precarious predicament? #what? I’d make a horrible rich person. Good thing I’ll never have to worry about that! 😉 

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