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Tonight is another two back-to-back episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and it’s allegedly these episodes where the drama between Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore will start really go at it. It also is rumored to be episodes where two athletes are given the axe by Donald Trump

Donald, and his daughter Ivanka Trump, discussed who they thought would be victorious in a season of grasping famewhores. “You never know how people are going to react when you put people together with one another. And this season I’d say it’s pretty explosive,” Ivanka admits. 

While Donald won’t give any clues about who he expects to be the winner of season 14 he does hint that it ultimately comes down to a war of wits, which certain contestants just don’t always possess.


“We find that athletes often times don’t do as well. It’s amazing,” Donald told WCNC. “They’re very strong physically. Much superior physically. But they seem to wilt. Let’s see if that happens this season.”

This season features several athletes: Terrell Owens and Johnny Damon for the men, and Jamie Anderson and Shawn Johnson for the women. So far, Johnny has been invisible, Terrell has been “Geraldo’d“, Jamie has been Kenya’d, and Shawn got called out for having PMS

On to tonight’s episodes of Celebrity Apprentice will feature both an advertising challenge and a fundraising one. 

Challenge 1 requires creating a campaign for a Cosmo Body article which will require a fitness model. It appears that Jamie steps-up as project manager, if we’re to guess, based on the clip below. The group opts to cast Brandi in the fitness model roll, which upsets Kenya – and from there all bets are off! 

Hour two is a fundraising challenge in which the teams must sell wedding dresses, which causes one team member to have a panic attack and another to fight extra-hard to redeem themselves from a past fundraising failure

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting both hours of the show, so make sure to join us! 


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