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NeNe Leakes Claims The Secret Service Followed Her When She Was In Beverly Hills At The Same Time As Donald Trump

I’m not gonna name names, but there are a lot of reality stars who think they’re a way bigger deal than they actually are. That’s not because I’m trying to be classy. It’s just because there are too many reality TV cast members with big egos and an inflated sense of importance.

OK, OK. Twist my arm. I’ll mention one of those people. Real Housewives of Atlanta OG NeNe Leakes has been a polarizing figure. NeNe has acted like she is too good for the show that made her famous and gave her all that money she brags about. She even left RHOA for a little bit to pursue some other opportunities. There’s no doubt that NeNe was hustling for those checks. She had a guest role on Glee.  She acted in a show called  The New Normal, which was canceled. NeNe appeared on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. To be honest, I have no specific memories of NeNe on that show. However, who could ever forget NeNe bragging to Sheree Whitfield about her “Trump check” on RHOA?

Over the weekend, NeNe went live on Instagram. During a question and answer session with fans, NeNe was asked to share how she felt about Donald Trump, according to an article from BET.

In response, NeNe shared, “I don’t have an issue with Donald Trump, um I did not vote for him for my president, but I don’t have an issue with him.” That’s some savvy PR right there, trying to placate all of her fans (regardless of their political beliefs) with that non-answer.


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Then, NeNe shared an interesting story that I don’t believe. NeNe claimed, “I do have a little small issue. I was recently staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills and he was staying there as well.” We get it, NeNe, you have a lot of money. You stay at nice hotels. We know, we know.

Anyway, NeNe continued, “I was there before he arrived. I did not know he that he would be staying there, and I really felt like the secret service followed me the entire time I was in the hotel.”


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NeNe concluded, ” I was very upset by that. I even told the hotel that that was inappropriate.” Why would the secret service follow NeNe? I’m just hoping this comes up at some White House press conference. These days, that’s really not an outlandish thought. Nothing is off-limits.


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