Kenya Moore Says Brandi Glanville Was Drunk And High And Picked Fight With Kenya, Nene & Cynthia At Bravo Upfronts


It’s a Kenya Moore takeover tonight!  She was on three TV shows in one night – Celebrity Apprentice, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Watch What Happens Live!  That might be a Housewife record! 

It’s sober month for Andy – only water in the clubhouse for him in January. 

Andy reads the quote from tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice when Geraldo Rivera said “Imagine being married to Kenya! You’d be sleeping with your eyes open.”  Kenya says “well, he’s had what, five wives?”  And Kenya addresses giving Keisha a hard time about not calling Bill Cosby for a donation, she explains that the show was shot almost a year ago – long before the controversy with Bill bubbled over. 

Andy then shares that he was cut from tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice segment at the pie shop, and he’s glad because he only brought $1,000 with him and everyone else was bringing huge money.   I’m also fairly certain I read that Andy shared in his book that  the pies tasted terrible…

A viewer wanted to know why Kenya is supportive to her co-stars’ faces but then turns two faced. Kenya says that’s not true. “There’s nothing substantive to support that.  I’m very supportive of all of the women. I’m one of those girls, if you succeed, I succeed.  We’re all really in this together. There’s room for us all.”

A caller asks Kenya to unblock him on Twitter (we feel your pain, bro!) and she says she will if he can tell her how high her sales of Gone With the Wind Fabulous got on iTunes.  Andy cuts her off and wants the caller to get to his question already.  He wants to know what’s going on with the insemination.  She’s working on it and says that “it’s a process.”

Someone wants to know if Kenya really thinks Demetria and Roger Bobb are a couple and Kenya says she absolutely does believe it. 

Andy brings up Kenya’s hair and all the buzz about it being real or not, so Kenya proves it’s ALL real by letting Andy pull it and then she fluffs it, showing everyone that there’s not even any extensions in.  Color me impressed – it’s really good hair! 

A caller asks Kenya what she thinks about Andy revealing in his book that Naomi Campbell told him that she couldn’t stand Kenya.  Andy blushes and tries to clarify what Naomi said, which was after the reunion aired she said that Andy should keep Porsha and get rid of Kenya.  Kenya says “which is why she’s not the head of a network.”   “I still love Naomi, she’s amazing, she’s an icon and you have to respect that.” 

Andy asks about the story that circulated regarding Kenya supposedly taking Vivica Fox’s phone.  Kenya will only say “you have to watch the show.”  She’s pretty sure it will be shown in a future episode, although she doesn’t know what all of the final edits are.

Kenya saved the best tea for last.  A viewer asks what the deal is between Kenya and Brandi Glanville.  “That’s a good question. I don’t really have a beef with her, I just don’t care for her. ”  She says to Andy, “You witnessed what happened at the Bravo Upfronts where she came drunk and high and tried to pick a fight with me, NeNe, and Cynthia.”  Andy says “I will say that Brandi tried to pick a fight with the wrong three girls.”  Kenya adds, “so that was the beginning of our non-friendship.” 

Hmm..that was just a few weeks after the rumors started that Brandi was using alcohol to cope with the stress of being on Celebrity Apprentice.

I was most surprised that Andy didn’t utter a word about Teresa’s prison stint starting tomorrow.  Maybe he’ll mention something tomorrow night after she’s surrendered.

Tonight’s poll was which RHOA star was the most wicked.  Kenya won with 60% of the votes.


Photo Credit: Twitter