Kandi reacts to Sherien Even though Kandi Burruss has been on Real Housewives of Atlanta for a long time, she has never had a season as tough as this one. From the demise of her friendship with Phaedra Parks, to Porsha Williams accusing her of attempted drugging and rape, to getting sued by a former employee, it would be an understatement to say that this was a rough one for Kandi.

Well now Kandi is firing back at her ex-employee Johnnie Winston after he sued her for allegedly not paying overtime wages and appeared on camera with Kandi’s nemesis Phaedra to discuss the case. Kandi is not messing around and is hitting him hard with a defamation suit.


Radar Online obtained court documents that confirm Kandi is not going to let this thirsty former employee walk all over her. The document accuses the man of “intentionally malign Defendants’ reputation and harm their reputation and public persona through false and malicious accusations.”

Kandi believes that he purposely filed a lawsuit against her to coincide with filming the last Real Housewives of Atlanta season- especially since he had zero complaints against Kandi for months UNTIL FILMING BEGAN. That seems super suspect to me.

The document reads, “Mr. Winston’s statement were not only slanderous, defamatory and calculated to injure Defendants’ public persona and professional brand, but were also in breach of the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by Mr. Winston.” Kandi is not fucking around.

That’s not all though. Kandi claims that she “suffered, and are suffering damages, including humiliation, ridicule, hatred, contempt, injury or impairment to their reputation and/or standing in the community and/or embarrassment, which damages will continue to be suffered now and in the future.” Well, it definitely wasn’t the best look for her- but Johnnie definitely looked super desperate and Phaedra looked extremely shady helping him (but then claiming to not be involved with the case), so Kandi actually didn’t come off the worst in this situation.

I get why Kandi would be furious about this, but this guy is complaining that he has no money- can he even afford to pay Kandi damages? I have a feeling that they will end up settling and this mess will never make into a court room, but I guess we will see what happens.

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