Kandi Burruss Was Surprised By Phaedra Parks’s Involvement In Lawsuit Against Her; Says She & Kim Zolciak Might Be Friends Again In The Future

It seems like there is a Kandi Burruss-centered story line in every episode of this Real Housewives of Atlanta season. She has been on the show since season two, but this is the first one where Kandi is really taking a lot of heat. It started with the demise of her friendship with Phaedra Parks and it has continued with Porsha Williams accusing her of attempted drugging and having a sex dungeon. Now Phaedra is involved in a lawsuit against Kandi and she did not see it coming… until she watched the latest episodes.

Kandi explained her reaction to those scenes with Phaedra and her former employee Johnny during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. She shares her reaction to the sad drama that went down with Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield in Hawaii. She also talked about the possibility of renewing her friendship with Kim Zolciak in the future.


Andy asked Kandi how Sheree’s son Kairo Whitfield did in the fashion show and Kandi said, “He did a good job.” She also talked about how awkward she feels seeing his modeling photos on Instagram. Kandi revealed, “I feel bad. Every time I want to like his pictures, I’m like ‘That’s a little wrong for me to be liking his pictures.'” That’s gotta be awkward. If she likes them, it’s kind of weird that she’s acknowledging that her friend’s son is attractive. If she doesn’t like them, she’s not supporting his modeling career. That’s a social media catch 22.

After that, Andy asked her about the most relevant part of the episode: Johnny’s lawsuit against Kandi– that Kandi’s ex best friend Phaedra facilitated. During the episode, Johnny alleged that Kandi stole the idea for her play “A Mother’s Love,” so it makes sense that Andy asked her if Johnny was the one that came up with it.

Kandi answered, “‘A Mother’s Love’ is about my family. You guys showed it on the show. It was about my mom and my sister: a musical about them. The songs are related to the show, you guys saw it on TV, so did he make up my life too?”

Andy also asked when Kandi found out that Phaedra helped Johnny with the lawsuit. Kandi admitted, “When I saw the episode. So much has been going on that I found out later. It’s so crazy.” She also teased,  “You guys will see, I ask her about it and she denied having anything to do with Johnny’s lawsuit and I’m watching the show seeing her at the law office with him and her friend. That girl is so shady. Sooooo shady.”

I feel like this is abundantly clear at this point, but a caller asked Kandi if she would ever be friends with Phaedra again. Kandi just shook her head “no.”

The conversation took a serious turn when a caller asked Kandi how surprised she was by the way things unfolded between Sheree and Bob in Hawaii. Kandi revealed, “I definitely was extremely surprised because I knew Bob a long time ago before I knew Sheree. He was always really nice and funny so I did not know this side of him and I had never seen Sheree be emotional before. So those two things just made me be like ‘wow.’ I was not expecting that from that trip.” None of us were. A lot of fans were hoping for a reconciliation between the two exes… but not so much anymore.

The fans got a tease at what’s to come from the RHOA reunion episodes when Kandi was asked about the source of the “Marvin” rumors that Porsha brought to her attention. Kandi shared, “Well I know where they came from now, so I can’t really say.” Andy interjected, “We had a dramatic reunion. So that’s the answer.” I cannot wait for those episodes to air.

With all the hype around Kim Zolciak’s return during the RHOA finale and the rumors that she will be back on the show next year, I was super curious about Kandi’s answer when she was asked, “If Kim Zolciak apologized for what she did to you with ‘Tardy for the Party’ would you collaborate with her again?” Kandi replied, “I don’t think we should work together anymore.” She added, “I mean, we actually have a moment. You have to keep watching- in the finale. I feel like we can be friends again maybe one day, but not work together.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo TV Instagram/Charles Sykes