Gizelle Bryant

Love her or hate her, Real Housewives of Potomac revolves around Gizelle Bryant. She is always shading someone or getting shaded herself. If this show comes back for a third season, she’s basically guaranteed a spot.

I have no idea why she feels so entitled; this is still a new series and the last season was lackluster at best. Nevertheless, she seems to get off on hazing the new girl Monique Samuels, which she also enjoyed last season when Ashley Darby emerged on scene. Whether you’re a Gizelle fan or not, you have to admit that this show would have no story lines if she wasn’t present.


Gizelle had a lot to say about the last episode in her Bravo blog and of course she continued to come for Monique. I don’t get why she doesn’t like Monique since all she has done so far was answer the (rude) questions that Gizelle asks, but maybe it’s just for the story line. Gizelle joked, “I’m glad Monique feels very highly of herself. Clearly she’s better.”

She even went in on Monique for the tension with her mother-in-law: “When you have a mother in law that calls you a HEIFER…I mean, grab your weave and make sure it’s glued down tight. That’s a MESS. I kinda wanted to give Monique a hug, talk about sad emoji face. However, the beauty of a beautiful woman is knowing that she doesn’t need to compare herself to ANYONE.” As if anyone is buying that last sentence.

The only person that Gizelle is (kind of) nice to is Robyn Dixon, but even Robyn takes issue with the way Gizelle mercilessly trashed Charrisse. Robyn told Gizelle exactly how her behavior came across and all she did was tell Karen Huger the same sentiments she already shared. It didn’t come across like Robyn was backstabbing Gizelle, but Gizelle still wasn’t having it.

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She recalled, “I was eager to talk to Robyn and find out when and why we started airing our dirty laundry to the Grand Dame. I value Robyn’s opinion and I trust her judgment, that’s what friendship is all about.” She continued, “Karen is never the go-to-girl to talk about anything outside of Karen. So, Robyn, in the future never forget Karen is only loyal to the two things … Tiffany and Fee Fee, her boobs.”

Ashley said a lot of offensive shit during the last episode. I have no idea why Ashley thought it was a good idea to criticize the other ladies and their love lives when she was so open about her own marriage problems, but she looked pretty foolish and thirsty for camera time. Gizelle preached, “I really don’t care about anyone else’s marital status or level of happy. I can only speak for mine. Single is what I am. Mingle is what I do.”

Just when I was starting to side with Gizelle on something, she decided to talk in the third person and pat herself on the back: “Ashley knows the only thing Gizelle is and will be is GIZELLE. However, I love the judgment. It always lets me know that know that I’m eating my Wheaties and looking good.” Alright, then.


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