Kandi Burruss

After pulling the most horrible move in Real Housewives history, it is pretty much a given that the franchise is done with Phaedra Parks. Right? She started rumors that Kandi Burruss wanted to drug and rape Porsha Williams and let the gossip build for months. There’s no way she could be back on Real Housewives of Atlanta after doing that. Right?

There have been rumors that Phaedra was asked to film an “apology” scene with her former bestie Porsha. Obviously, Kandi never wants to see or speak to Phaedra again, but it would be pretty crazy if Porsha wants to. After all, Phaedra set her up to go after Kandi for months. Is Phaedra going to appear on the next season?

Kandi was asked about the possibility of Phaedra’s return to the show in an interview for HipHollywood.

She was asked, “Are you happy that it’s been reported that Phaedra will not be returning?” Kandi didn’t say a word, but her facial expression told it all. Then she was asked, “Or will she?” Kandi responded with, “That ain’t got nothing to do with me.” So, does that mean that Phaedra is filming, but it is just not with Kandi? Kandi’s semantics are pretty confusing here.

Kandi said, “I haven’t done any scenes with her. I haven’t seen her so that’s all I can tell you.” This sounds like a confirmation of Phaedra’s on-camera meeting with Porsha. Hopefully, Fakedra is done with the show, but I guess we will see.

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