THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- Season:8 -- Pictured: Siggy Flicker -- (Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo)

When Siggy Flicker told us last year that some people think she’s “too much,” she was minimizing reality! Because The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star came out swinging, shouting, and fighting right away in the premiere episode of Season 8. Siggy has no regrets about her behavior, though, instead concentrating on how others in the group are upsetting the apple cart – namely Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs, who Siggy seems already pitted against.

In her blog, Siggy describes Margaret as two-faced and Danielle as a “dark” presence within the group. She also reiterates her disgust with Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice throwing the custom cake she ordered for Melissa’s birthday, which turns into an even bigger drama this week!

After offering words of sorrow for the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, along with words of comfort for Teresa and Joe Gorga on the passing of their mother, Antonia, Siggy dives into the episode. She claims, “I approached this season and the Boca trip with the best intentions. I wanted to show my friends a good time and welcome Margaret with open arms. Spoiler alert: it didn’t go as planned.”

Despite admonitions about her behavior, Siggy admits that she’s loud and over the top – and she loves it! “I owned it then and I’m owning it now. I’m still passionate. I’m still loud. I’m still looking to empower those around me. No one does me better than I do.” Please also remember: She’s the most talented person in the world in her own mind.

Gushing over her husband, Michael Campanella, Siggy writes, “He is my rock, my voice of reason, my everything. He celebrates my successes and encourages me to conquer the world. I want everyone to find their Michael Campanella.” Hmm. This flies in the face of her complaining about Michael being unsupportive of her career, no? #SatanLovesConfusion

Speaking of her career, Siggy is also thrilled cameras caught her at that beauty shop hustling paperbacks! She would also like you to know that she’s available for speaking engagements in a storefront near you. “I’m glad you were given a glimpse into my professional appearances. I love talking to people, inspiring them and giving them a fresh perspective on LOVE and LIFE! It’s my passion, my obsession. If you are interested in meeting me as much as I am you, please check out my appearance schedule, I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Even though Siggy was the one to bring Margaret into the group, she seems to get along with her the least. This, says Siggy, came as a surprise to her. She explains, “As soon as I learned that Margaret would be in Palm Beach the same time as our girls’ trip to Boca, I immediately invited her to join me and my friends and meet us for dinner. It’s what friends do. It was not until I watched the episode that I heard Margaret say, ‘Should I frame this over my fireplace?’ during the book signing portion of my event. Why make such a snide comment about my book behind my back? It’s not what friend’s do.”

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At the time, however, Siggy had no idea Margaret was throwing shade. That all changed in Boca. First, Siggy defends her obnoxious behavior in New York Prime. She blogs, “We were three hours late for dinner at New York Prime. My friends and the restaurant staff waited for us to arrive…for three hours. I was soooo excited to see close friends and grateful they waited. I mean, could Michael Jackson or Madonna get New York Prime to wait three hours? Was I excited walking into dinner at New York Prime? Yes. Was it all in fun? Of course. I want everyone to have a good time. I thought the night went well. When I extended another invitation for Margaret to join us for Melissa’s birthday dinner, I had no idea Margaret had been muttering about me.”

She also had no idea that Danielle would come out of the gate swinging at Kim DePaola, Siggy’s alleged “friend.” In fact, she says the trip took a turn to “the dark side” when Danielle showed up. “The strained group dynamic intensified at Melissa’s birthday celebration,” when she was “needled” about her husband not being supportive, shares Siggy.

“I didn’t expect to be needled until the topic morphed into Michael is controlling,” writes Siggy. “Margaret had NOT even met my husband when she said, ‘I looked up man in the dictionary. I didn’t see the picture of Michael Campanella there.’ As to her commentary about the dictionary, get an unabridged version because Michael Campanella can be found under ‘perfect man’ thank you very much. He lays molding solely for me.” Um – lays molding? Is this a diss against Margaret’s contractor husband? <scratching my head>

But the cringe-worthy comment that rung in everyone’s ears was Siggy bragging that she’s “the most talented person in the world!” She now reflects, “I understand how it comes across and believe me, I cringe when I watch it played back. The comment was taken out of context. Am I the most talented person on the earth? Of course not, but it was said tongue in cheek in the context of the evening to lighten the mood. Yes, I do think I’m great at what I do and I think Dolores [Catania] is great at what she does, and I think Teresa is great at what she does, and Melissa is great at what she does…and you are great at what you do, etc.”

Okay, so…that’s cleaned up. Maybe. Not quite. But – whatever!

Next, Siggy defends her reaction to the cake fight: “I can’t describe how my heart sank when the cake and the silver platter were thrown across the restaurant. Like discarded garbage. As soon as Teresa realized how upset I was, she apologized. It’s what friends do.”

But Margaret thought Siggy needed to take it down a notch (or ten), which obviously didn’t sit well with her. She defends, “Earlier I told you what I am. Let me tell you what I’m NOT. I’m not a backstabber. I’m not jealous of others. I’m not malicious. I’m not calculating. I’m not mean. I’m not manipulative. I’m not an opportunist. I’m not an ass kisser. I’m not scared or riddled with entitlement issues. As you see, I get a little excited at times. So, stay tuned for the fireworks!”

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Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

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