Gizelle Bryant Says It Is Clear Ray Huger Told Karen Huger About His Tax Issues

Obviously the major story line of the premiere episode (and most likely the rest of the season) of Real Housewives of Potomac is Karen Huger’s financial situation. What was up with her sudden move to Great Falls? Was she really in the dark about her husband Ray Huger’s $3 million tax debt?

In all honesty, it just seemed like Karen was doing a lot of back peddling, a ton of deflection, and very little truth telling. Will she ever keep it real and just own her situation? Only time will tell, but based on the past two seasons, that just doesn’t seem likely. Even if Karen doesn’t ever truly open up about her financial mystery, the other cast members have no problem doing so. Case in point, Gizelle Bryant has been calling out Karen for her Grand Dame of Potomac nonsense since the very beginning.

Before discussing the Huger tax debacle, Gizelle discussed her relationship with her boyfriend Sherman Douglas and her three daughters in her first Bravo blog post of the season. She admitted, “I was a little nervous when they first met Sherman because they are extremely opinionated and I was just hoping that they liked him as much as I do. If they didn’t, boy was I going to hear about it. So, I’m very happy that they love Sherman, it has been very easy to transition him into my world.” It really was a cute scene watching them FaceTime Sherman.

And now onto the drama. Gizelle confessed, “I never thought that I would pick up the Washington Post and see next to the style section a long and lengthy story about a very close friend of mine. I started not to believe it because, I mean, I do always know the word on the street before it’s printed on paper.”

Gizelle joked, “This piping hot tea was served with lemon and a biscuit on the side, jelly, and butter.” She did have some sympathy for Karen though: “Poor Karen, I just want her to be happy.” And then she had to keep it real and said, “It’s clear that Ray DID tell her about this tax issue. So, I guess if everybody lies then the truth is the lie. Interesting!” Very interesting.

Even though Gizelle and Karen are “friends” or frienemies or something that I can’t quite define, Gizelle is super close with Robyn Dixon, so of course, she’s on her side after watching that disastrous lunch scene. Karen said she invited Robyn to lunch to thank her for listening to her discuss her financial problems, but it didn’t go well. At all.

Gizelle recapped, “Karen went from I love you, thank you for being there, slapping high-fives to I hate you all within 90 seconds. Karen expects Robyn to 100 percent not discuss the Washington Post article at all because she confided in Robyn. Ummm, a Washington Post article about the Huger’s is for ALL the world to read. Well, who am I kidding, just Potomac will read it because no one else cares. Once it’s out there, it’s fair game, this is water cooler conversation. This is open season for memes, blogs, and gifs.” EXACTLY.

Gizelle continued, “So there is nothing to be defensive about, why so angry? Karen girl, let’s just laugh about this, sip champagne and keep it pushing.”

The Hugers were all about the smoke and mirrors during the premiere episode (and for the previous two seasons), but Ashley Darby and her estranged husband Michael Darby have been very transparent about the ups and downs of their marriage. They even separated and lived apart for six months. Ashley moved back in during the episode and it was just so real and raw to watch- the exact opposite of any scene featuring Karen.

Gizelle shared, “I understand why Ashley moved out and I respect it. I mean if a man was throwing my dresses around and telling me to leave then he wouldn’t have to worry about EVER seeing me again. I’m just saying! However, I’m happy Ashley went back, you can’t fix a marriage through Morse code and smoke signals. You literally have to be in the same house together working in order for it to be fixed.” Fair enough.

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