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Wow! The nonsense with Real Housewives of New York is getting out of control!

It's already been reported that Pinot Singer got loaded and threatened to run off with the entire WWHL bar if Andy didn't pay her more, to which he laughed dangled a chilled pinot in front of her nose, and led her straight to his attorney's office where she signed on the dotted line. Translation: she tried to hold out for more money, was denied, and then finally agreed at the last minute to come back when Bravo didn't take the bait. 

Well, now it seems ALL the ladies are making some big-time salary demands! And for the first time in recorded history the cast is getting along as they band together in a standoff with producers and Bravo! The show is supposed to begin filming Monday, but the cast is reportedly refusing to show up to work unless their salaries are upped according to TMZ! 



What would reality TV be without moms parading their kids around?

Some of our favorite reality TV moments come courtesy of cute kids and their unpredictable antics. "Gimme pizza you old troll!" anyone? Or from parents and their interesting approach to parenting! 

Below we've shared some of our favorite reality TV moms and their adorable kids.  Read each photo to see just why we love them so much. 

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Bethenny Frankel having lunch at Da Silvano restaurant

Aaaahhh… Bethenny Frankel – the train of delusional denial keeps on chuggin', eh! 

The former reality star who is in the midst of a "brutal" divorce (well, custody battle at this point!) to Jason Hoppy continues to pretty much deflect all of the marital problems onto her ex. 

Bethenny cites Bryn as the only good thing that came out of her marriage and gives Jason no credit for putting up with her reality TV scheming butt. Let's break down the break up of a made-for-television spinoff marriage!

"My marriage made me feel like I was a bad person, like I was damaged, I was dysfunctional, I was never going to be happy," Bethenny recounts to People. "But I don’t believe that to be true. Yet there I was – in a relationship that made me feel that way." Bethenny doesn't believe she's damaged?


Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is definitely filming for season 4. And among the rumors of who's been fired and who's been demoted, and who may be joining, the show must go on. 

Some of the ladies spoke with Perez Hilton at a recent Race To Erase MS Event and shared what's been in the works. Surprisingly Kim Richards was present and claims she has "seen" the other women and gets along with all of them. Kim skipped the Bravo Upfronts which is usually a dead giveaway concerning who is axed for the upcoming season!

"Last year was a really tough year. The girls got too nasty and it was too much for me," shares Camille Grammer of her no regrets approach to departing the show.


The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast

Gretchen Rossi is apparently tired of being told she sucks. Well … stop sucking? 

After complaining that Alexis Bellino has no right to be annoyed that people tell her what's wrong with her and instructing her to leave Real Housewives of Orange County if she doesn't like it, Gretchen is devoting a Bravo blog to lamenting that people aren't nice. Um… no – I did not make this up. But I did cackle with glee! 

"I would like everyone that has had a negative thing to say on social media sites about this scene with Slade [Smiley] on I on the couch to listen up here. First of all let's be clear about something, Slade and I had been seriously discussing babies before Grayson's surgery and we had taken the first few steps to make that a reality for us," Gretchen says.



Adriana de Moura is no stranger to creating drama! She was caught lying about her relationship status to Frederic Marq, her longtime love whom we saw propose on camera

Unfortunately for Adriana her secret marriage license was uncovered which showed the Real Housewives of Miami star has been wifed up to Frederic since 2008.

Adriana's publicist insisted that the license was nullified because of a typo (her maiden name is misspelled) and since the couple married on a whim they decided it was a blessing in disguise and opted to hold out on tying the knot. And then reality TV came along to splash out for a big ol' wedding! 

Well some of Adriana's co-stars, you know the ones who don't like her, reportedly tried to use this lie as leverage to get her canned. I'm placing my bets on Joanna Krupa and the now defunct Karent Sierra!


Bravo Events - 2013

Uh oh… you know what they say about losing a man how you got 'em? And you know what they say about a mistress never changing her spots? Well, it seems Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have found themselves in the midst of a lil cheating allegation. Once a wig-wearing mistress… always a wig-wearing mistress?

Kroy's ex-girlfriend, the one he had when he allegedly met Kim, is coming out of the woodwork to accuse the Don't Be Tardy star of cheating on her with Kim – and she's providing text messages that "prove" they were together. Let's investigate, shall we?

Elizabeth Seward alleges that when Kroy met Kim at Dancing With The Stars (and Sheree) Atlanta she was his long-distance girlfriend. The former Indiana Pacers cheerleader (who does not wear a wig) says they met at a party in Indianapolis in January 2010. “It was this whirlwind, love-at-first-sight thing,” Elizabeth tells In Touch. 



Last night on Don't Be Tardy the Zolciak-Biermann fam wrestled with parenting roles and expectations. It seems that Brielle is a child after Kim Zolciak's heart and by that I mean, well… Brielle needs a bit of guidance!

Things begin with Brielle's math tutor showing up. I'm guessing Bravo casting scoured the neo-Reganite Young Republicans club and found the most traditionally "square" looking kid, begged him to come sit at Kim's house and pretend to tutor Brielle in math. I hope they warned him that he may be treated to an eyefull of Kim's lactating boobs, or Kim's boobs bursting out of an ill-fitting top. 

Kim harasses "Phillip" about following Brielle on twitter and allegedly stalking her because he's a fan of Kim. AHAHA! Yeah right. Kim wishes. "As if I would ever let a fan up in my house," Kim tells us. She seems way too devoted to knowing which of Brielle's classmates are interested in her. The answer: none. Is Kim repeating Karen's behaviors now that Brielle is getting older?


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