UPDATED: Yolanda Foster & Marisa Zanuck Get In A Twitter War Over Marisa’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Blog!


Marisa Zanuck is making some formidable enemies in the form of Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump. That's never good because these ladies have mastered the art of social warfare. Consider yourself warned, Marisa! 

Marisa's Bravo blog about Monday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode upset Yolanda, whom Marisa calls out for being "pristine" and "perfect." While it's not exactly a scathing critique, Yolanda obviously took offense because she lambasted Marisa on twitter! 

Poor Marisa, like Yolanda, seems to be having trouble adjusting to all the catty drama and perhaps it's putting her on edge at social functions. The blog issues erupted because Marisa spilled wine all over her $5,000 white dress while in Vegas. 

"I thought we may finally enjoy a dinner without a fight breaking out. How naive of me to think it was possible to have a civilized dinner with these women, right?," Marisa writes


"I spilled red wine on my dress, which was enough to shift the energy temporarily. Most of the women were helpful and that was very sweet, but Yolanda just gave me a disapproving stare," Marisa recalls. "Not sure where that came from. All I could think was 'Thank God I didn't spill that red wine at Yolanda's house because if it upset her in Vegas, I would really be up s— creek in Malibu.'" 

"Maybe Yolanda has never spilled a drink before, which wouldn't surprise me since her life is so pristine and perfect that it just wouldn't fit in with her image. That said, I am admittedly clumsy and this won't be the last time I spill a drink." 

Shortly after it was published a furious Yolanda took to twitter to express her frustration! 


Ouch! So I'm thinking Yolanda does not take criticism well…  Of course Marisa immediately defended herself. Poor thing – she's getting her initiation into the ways of the Housewife. 


If you recall, Marisa did a series of interviews – including an exclusive with Reality Tea – in which she expressed that Lisa was very sweet on camera but very dismissive behind the scenes. Perhaps that's because Lisa viewed Marisa (a close friend of Kyle Richards') as someone to be wary of by association. 

In speaking with us Marisa also said Yolanda was "very cool," so I wonder if some issues have happened since filming wrapped…  In a funny note, Marisa did wonder why Yolanda didn't just pick up the phone and call her if she was hurt by the comments. Or take her to Starbucks! 

Marisa insists Yolanda was reading too much into the comments. "@YolandaHFoster your house is too perfect I'd feel awful!! That's what I meant by it!! Nothing mean at all. Not who I am unless provoked," she insisted. Quickly adding, "@YolandaHFoster @LisaVanderpump I think ur reading into this more than necessary I wouldn't want to spill wine at anyone's house! Lol!"

As for the situation with Lisa, Marisa claims the two have made up and gotten to know each other better now that filming has wrapped and episodes are underway. I take it to mean Marisa apologized. 

marisa-yolanda-tweets 2

Marisa now says she "really admires" Lisa. In an effort to prove that she really does love Lady Vanderpump, Marisa professed her love. 

"I love Lisa I don't know what u all are referring to but I didn't say a mean word about either of the women @LisaVanderpump @YolandaHFoster"


I guess this is Marisa's hazing! And perhaps she's realizing that Lisa's popularity with the fans is the side she wants to be on! Hey – I would. 

UPDATE:  Our source shared with us that it may be a case of Yolanda not understanding Marissa's dry sense of humor.  "Marisa has a dry sense of humor and really didn't mean to offend Yolanda. Yolanda hasn't spent enough time with Marisa to get her humor. That said, Marisa has written lovely things about Yolanda so she was surprised to receive such an insulting tweet from Yolanda." 

Here are excerpts from Marisa's prior blogs that clarify how Marisa feels about Yolanda:

"Yolanda Foster is a class act, and her home is everything one would imagine it to be. As a real estate broker at Hilton and Hyland in Beverly Hills, I love seeing how homes reflect the people who live in them. Yolanda’s home matches her perfectly because it is beautiful and classy. That said, the house and the material things didn’t make Yolanda who she is, she is just a good and very cool person in general. Class is not defined by what you have; it is defined by how you behave." And this one:  "I like the scenes with Yolanda, she is fun and effortless and smart. She leads an amazing life and her take charge attitude suits her well."

Thoughts? Is it a case of misunderstanding Marisa's humor?

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