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Big Tips Texas

Did you watch Big Tips Texas last night? 

MTV's Big Tips Texas features four veteran and six newbie waitresses and/or bartenders at a bar named Redneck Heaven. Yes, it's as trashy as it sounds. What the girls lack in clothing, they make up for in eye shadow though, so it all balances out.

Big Tips Texas wants to be Coyote Ugly.  It's not.  They're not even from the same planet. Big Tips Texas turns out to be Buckwild meets Bad Girls Club. The girls liken themselves to a sisterhood (Sisterhood of the Traveling Coochie Shorts?) or a sorority (No. Just no.).

The veterans and newbies do not work (or play) well together.


preachers of l.a. cast

Two new reality shows are making their debuts tonight – and they couldn't be more different (other than their premiere times – 10/9c). Tonight marks the arrival of Oxygen's Preachers of L.A. and MTV's Big Tips Texas

Preachers of L.A. follows six mega-pastors, depicting their daily lives, preaching styles and sharing their home lives.

Big Tips Texas (I cannot seem to stop wanting to type Big RICH Texas!) debuts on MTV and follows the lives of four veteran and six newbie waitresses and bartenders at a bar named Redneck Heaven, where the goal is to make the customers feel "happy and horny".  


Paris Hilton River Viiperi

Paris Hilton is back!  Well, sort of. 

The former reality TV queen has been off the radar for far too long as she hides out doing rich girl things and learns to DJ and works on new music.  Paris collaborated with Lil Wayne on her newest single "Good Time" and just released the music video for it. 

If there's anyone who can ease my Kardashian suffering, it's Paris.  Oh I've missed her so (and never thought I'd utter those words!).  And I mean that.  Paris was a permanent fixture on the paparazzi radar and in the media, but nowadays she's barely seen anymore.  She just pops up here and there at events and has continued on with her life..doing her thing and never taking herself super seriously.  Unlike those certain other reality starlets who just don't give us a minute of rest before the next story, photo, or famewhore move pops up online. Kudos to Paris for knowing when to step back. long has it been since Paris and Nicole Richie graced our screen? (God how I wanted that pink truck!)  I vote for a Simple Life reunion special of sorts.  Just for old times' sake.


Big Tips Texas

MTV's newest reality show Big Tips Texas follows the lives of four veteran and six newbie waitresses and bartenders at a bar named Redneck Heaven, where the goal is to make the customers feel "happy and horny". 

A sneak peek aired earlier this week. I watched, um, cause it's my job.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  Big Tips Texas is obviously a reality TV knock-off of Coyote Ugly and totally trashy TV at its finest.  I'm hooked already, um, cause I have no standards. (That's the truth!)

According to MTV, we can expect to see the Big Tips Texas ladies "evolve, shift, and grow as they work and party their way through the drama and adventure of figuring out who they are and where they're going."  Giddy up!


ng honey boo boo 260912

Wherever will we find the next Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family?  Y'all know they have to be glitz pageant bred!

With no frighteningly competitive tantrum-throwing moms and creepy pageant coach dads living their dreams through overly caffeinated living dolls, wherever is the THE LEARNING CHANNEL (it cracks me up every time) going to get its material?  Oh, that's right…the Amish (and I love it.  No shame).

Where am I going with this, you ask? After six seasons, Toddlers & Tiaras is no more. Let that sink for a second.


Kim Kardashian seen walking while out and about during the Paris Fashion Week

Happy Birthday to our favorite reality TV stars who are turning another year older in the month of October! 

Peter Thomas (October 1)

Kathy Wakile (October 4, 1965)

Simon Cowell (October 7, 1959)

Sharon Osbourne (October 9, 1952)

Kim Kardashian (October 21, 1980)

Phaedra Parks (October 26)

Kelly Osbourne (October 27, 1984)

Gretchen Rossi (October 30, 1978)



Blind Man's Buff

This blind gossip item is a doozie.  We think we know the answer, but we hope we're wrong. 

"Beyonce used a baby pillow to fake a baby bump that was being carried by a surrogate. But this celebrity couple has taken the baby bump ploy to a whole new level!  We’ve told you about this married couple before. They have a reality show, and they are desperate, desperate, desperate for attention. So now they are faking a pregnancy. That’s right. She’s not pregnant. Their claim that they are going to become parents soon is fake, fake, fake. And we have some new information about how they are continuing this sham!

There’s a pillow! And a bad one at that. Yes, they are using a pillow to fake a baby bump… for a baby that will never happen! We found out that there is no surrogate, that they have not been able to arrange for an adoption, and that they are frantic that we have exposed their lie. So how will this end? As of this week, their plan is to fake a misc*rriage of their fake baby and then shed some fake tears."


Paris Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter 2013 - Celine

As we say in the South, bless his tiny, delusional, in need of anger management and a reality check, sweet heart.  Kanye West is at it again, Yeez Louise y'all won't believe the things that are coming out of the tiny rapper's mouth of late. First he's the greatest. Second, while he thanks Michael Jackson for paving the way for his most highest celebritydom, Kanye has far surpassed the King of Pop.  Oh, and he's still roughing up paparazzi (but more on that in a bit.  The fun stuff first, right?).

Us Weekly has the skinny on what Kim Kardashian's love really thinks about himself. On Monday, 'Ye gave an hour long interview with Zane Lowe with BBC Radio where he revealed, among other things, that he is "the number one rock star on the planet."  Yup, seems about right.  Kanye surprises no one by asserting that his life's mission was to push the limits of our interpretations of music, fashion, art, and culture.  I knew it all along.  Kanye is not just a rapper.  He's an icon.  Again, bless it.

While he admits that "there would be no Kanye West if it wasn't for Michael Jackson," Kanye is also quick to remind us that he's surpassed any sort of fame that Michael Jackson knew.


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