Ramona Rizzo Engaged


Poor Ramona Rizzo just can't get a reality TV break! First, no one likes her on Mob Wives and her storyline is ummm…love/hating Drita D'avanzo? Then she gets engaged and her fiance, Joseph Scalfinia, gets locked up for 15 years!

And then, just when she finds a reason to make her TV life interesting and allegedly decides to hold a furlough wedding the feds get wind of her intentions and call the whole thing off. So poof! – no storyline for you, Ramona. So that's life in Ramona-land. 

Prosecutors in Joseph's case feared that he was planning to use a furlough – purportedly to see his dying father – as an excuse to get married to Ramona in front of reality TV cameras. The feds pointed out that the "shotgun wedding" was not only illegal but they believed it was a ploy for a television show. You mean these two lovebirds aren't maaaadly in love?! Wha… 


Ramona Rizzo celebrates her bachelorette party

If you've been watching Mob Wives since its inception, you know it wasn't always Big Ang and spa days and break-downs. The ladies used to be scary violent until they realized what an atrocious example they were setting for their kids.  Now, even with underlying tension, they're relatively tame.   Even the sharp-tongued threats of Ramona Rizzo have been soothed with the sweet feelings of true love, even if that love has to be expressed via telephone while staring into her lover's eyes through a sheet of plate glass.  Le sigh…and more on that in a bit!

I guess VH1 was getting bored with the lack of drama and feuding because the network is mixing it up with new cast member Alicia DiMichele Garafola…and she and Karen Gravano are not going to see eye-to-eye.  Why, you ask?  Oh just a little thing called "Karen's dad admitted he put a hit out on Alicia's father-in-law at the command of John Gotti."  No biggie.


Ramona Rizzo Mob Wives

When we left Mob Wives, Ramona Rizzo was preparing to wed her jailed love Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani who is allegedly a member of the famed Gambino crime family.  While the VH1 reality show left us hanging with the pair's nuptials, Ramona is speaking out about how the duo makes it work despite the separation.  And by separation, I mean the plate glass window in the prison.

While the couple has yet to walk down the aisle, Ramona is still full-steam ahead with wedding plans.  Speaking to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ramona shares how she is preparing for a life of wedded bliss when the fate of her fiance's future is still unknown.


Ramona Rizzo Mob Wives

It's married to the mob round two for Ramona Rizzo

Apparently once you go mobster, you never go back. The Mob Wives star just announced her engagement to Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani, a currently incarcerated (alleged!) member of the Gambino crime family. 

Joseph is waiting out the remainder of his engagement in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, while Ramona plans a 500-guest June wedding – although she doesn't think Joseph will be out of jail in time to attend. 

“He didn’t want to begrudge me a wedding,” Ramona gushes. “He said, ‘Even if I can’t be there, have a party. I’ll be there in spirit.’ ” Ramona will be celebrating sans groom in Long Island. No word on where exactly they'll be getting married – perhaps jail – and if Mob Wives will be filming the event ( I just bet they will be!).