Real Housewives of NYC Episode 13 Recap: Jill Gets Shut Down


The bad news for the Real Housewives of New York City’s producers? There was no way in heck they could top the insanity drama of last week’s episode. The good news? Even without topping last week’s drama, last night’s show was still pretty darn great.

Now on to this week’s recap. It’s the night after the storm, and we find out Kelly has departed early after her “nervous breakthrough.” The ladies seem both tired and very relieved that Hurricane Kelly has passed through. Ramona shares that one of Kelly’s personalities Kelly left her a sweet note.

What we didn’t see on TV was that the night before (the same night Kelly went bat sh*t crazy that is) Ramona placed a call to Jill letting her know what had happened with Kelly, and asked Jill, who she believed was good friends with Kelly, to try to meet Kelly at the airport in NYC and be there for her. Bethenny also reveals in her Bravo blog that she talked to Jill that night out of concern for Kelly. According to both Bethenny and Ramona, Jill showed very little concern for Kelly. Apparently she was more preoccupied with making her own dramatic surprise entrance. Here’s what Bethenny wrote in her blog about Jill last week –

“Jill came to St. John because she wanted a grand entrance and to ensure that she wasn’t absent in three episodes. Her excuse that she came to see me was laughable. St. John is very difficult to get to and I literally lived a block away from her. Stopping by my building would have been infinitely easier. You all know the real story there.”

Ramona also chimes in this week that Jill literally lives minutes away from Bethenny, so we can scratch out wanting to make up with Bethenny from Jill’s reasons for showing up unannounced. And how interesting is it that Jill has said on more than one occasion that her reason for not wanting to make up with Bethenny was because she did not want to do it on camera. Guess she forgot the camera crews tagged along to St. Johns. Plus didn’t Jill also proclaim in an earlier episode, when Ramona tried to set up a meeting between she and Bethenny, that she hated being ambushed? So why ambush Bethenny and Alex on their trip? Hmm, things that make you wonder.

Back to the episode. The ladies are getting manis and pedis and Jill shows up. “Hiiiiiiiii,” says Jill, doing her best Kelly impersonation. The ladies are not happy and can’t even hide their displeasure at Jill’s arrival. We have some very awkward silences and a shaky Alex. I must say, I thought Alex’s and the other housewives’ reaction was a bit dramatic, but then again, you have to put it all into context. They are still recovering from Hurricane Kelly, and according to all the ladies on the trip, what we saw on TV was a very tame edited version of what really took place with Kelly. Still, must say I was a bit surprised they actually kicked Jill out. I really did not expect them to completely shut her down.

Jill is hurt, and even accuses Ramona of choosing Alex over her. Jill tweeted last night, “I could never describe what it felt like. Ramona did not even offer us a glass of water or bathroom after 9 hours to get there. My intentions were for peace. In hindsight I should not have gone.” Ramona gives us a great quote about Jill, “Sometimes she’s not based in reality. I think she’s been hanging out with Kelly too much.” I think Ramona might be onto something.

Jill leaves, and TEAM BRAS (Team Bethenny, Ramona, Alex & Sonja) continue their relaxing vacation. Got the Team BRAS acronym from Simon’s twitter, and yes I’m aware it’s quite corny. But back to the housewives, according to Ramona, the camera interviews from this episode were done a few weeks into the airing of this season. Keep that in mind when you later hear Jill’s comments about wanting to mend her friendship with Bethenny.

Alex and Sonja plan a surprise bridal shower for Bethenny and Ramona. The ladies spring out some sex toys and we find out Ramona and Alex are a bit shy when it comes to the sex toy topic.

Jill, Lulu, and Jennifer decide to meet up with Kelly to discuss the events that took place in St. Johns. I noticed something during this scene, LuAnn seemed very knowledgeable on what really happened during the trip. My guess is Jill filled her in, considering Ramona and Bethenny both acknowledged calling Jill about the events out of concern for Kelly. Hurricane Kelly arrives and begans to tell her own distorted version of the events that took place.


Kelly says about the trip, “It was everything that I hate, talking badly about people, you know gossiping about people… And I just don’t like to gossip, I don’t”

Low and behold, in a new interview with OK magazine, just published this morning, OK magazines asks Kelly when was the last time she was her imaginary best friend, and well I’ll let you read the Q & A for yourself –

OK Magazine – Last time you saw your best friend?

Kelly – “I had lunch with my best friend last week. We ate sushi and caught up on gossip.

Must say Kelly needs to choose a personality and stick with it. Loved LuAnn’s comment about Kelly’s alleged dislike of not wanting to gossip being the reason she doesn’t have many girlfriends. Well that and her insanity. Kelly continues to tell her lies and once again accuses Bethenny of lying about being a cook/chef, only to have LuAnn and Jennifer inform her that they know several people who have hired Bethenny. And how interesting was it to have LuAnn and Jill makes jokes about Kelly in the third person, you know like Kelly wasn’t there. “She’s 12, she’s 12,” joked LuAnn about Kelly bringing out the jelly beans. This seems to go over Kelly’s head, just like Sonja calling her crazy to her face during the St. Johns dinner from hell seemed to go over her head as well. Very interesting. Jennifer gives a great quote when she says there are three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth.

We move on to Sonja’s event/party and Countess LuAnn, who apparently LOVES gossip, immediately tries to get details on the St. Johns trip. The ladies take the convo upstairs and the ladies fill her in on what really happened. Bethenny gives a great quote about Kelly, “She sees things exactly the opposite of how they actually happened.”

Now onto Jill’s skating event, planned by Jennifer, who gives another great quote, “You know Jill, she’s all about the swag.” Jennifer must know Jill really well. Jill goes on and on about how much she misses Bethenny in her camera interview and as I wrote earlier, Jill’s interview in this episode was done weeks into the airing of this season, meaning after she had began to receive a backlash for shutting Bethenny down. Jill sits down with her sister and shares that she wants to meet up with Bethenny, not to rehash the past, but instead move forward. Interesting considering Jill didn’t want to have a sit down with Bethenny in an earlier episode because she didn’t have her “notes.” Jill calls, and Bethenny agrees to meet up. Jill goes on to skate before sharing, “I’m the only idiot in a skating dress right now.” Yes Jill, yes you are.

Ramona and her ponytail arrive, and is immediately confronted by Hurricane Kelly. Ramona doesn’t want to talk about the trip but Kelly refuses to take no for an answer and demands an apology from Ramona. Kelly once again projects her insanity unto Bethenny when she refers to Bethenny as “crazy.” In her camera interview, Ramona echoes something Bethenny said earlier by saying, “I don’t remember [the trip] that way, was she at the same event I was at?” Ramona realizes arguing with a crazy person is a waste of time and issues Kelly an apology.

Ramona is then confronted by Jill and does an encore when she also apologizes to Jill, and they both decide to keep their very toxic friendship of 15 years going. Must say, on a toxic friendship scale of 1 – 10, these two are at about a 12, and should really consider ending their “friendship.” They both seem to get off on hurting each other. It’s a really sick and unhealthy friendship in my opinion.

And just like that this episode is over and we find out next week’s episode is the finale. As reported earlier, the reunion show was filmed this week and is scheduled to air June 10th. Everyone involved says it will be very dramatic.

Jerry Seinfeld was the guest on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens last night and he made some rather funny digs at the expense of the NYC housewives. “I hate these people” and “Why do people put their heads in this toilet?” are just some of Jerry’s highlights. Here’s to hoping the housewives never decide to take their heads out of the Bravo toilets.