Recap: The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Part 2

On to part 2 of the Real Housewives of New York City. The drama raged on for the housewives as we get a continuation of the ladies rehashing what went down this season.

We start of with Jill, who stormed off the set in Part 1, returning and apologizing. The verbal smackdown on Jill continues, and Alex states the obvious that she believes the sole reason Jill wanted to make up with Bethenny is because of the public backlash. Jill makes a point, an excellent one at that, when she says she wanted to make up with Bethenny while the show was still filming, before the public backlash began. Bethenny however had her own rebuttal saying Jill did not want to appear as being mean to the girl who just got engaged and pregnant. Oddly enough, Jill says Bethenny is right.

Bethenny is then asked a good question, which is why didn’t she make up with Jill when Jill was ready? Bethenny shares that it was a very stressful time in her life, and reveals she had a complicated pregnancy, suffering a blood clot while pregnant (something the audience, I included, was not aware of.) Bethenny says she just didn’t want to deal with the Jill drama at that point in her life.

The question of the day comes when Andy tells Jill that Simon and some of her castmates think she gets jealous when others do well. Jill denies this, and Ramona reveals Jill did indeed call up her when Bethenny got her spin-off show, telling her not to film with Bethenny. Jill goes on an angry rampage and accuses Ramona of being a liar. “Are you kidding me?” laments Jill. “You are such a liar,” she says to Ramona. Literally seconds later, Jill admits to what Ramona accuses her of and even apologizes. We can now add liar to Jill’s long list of bad behavior.

Kelly then brings up an actual good point when she says Bethenny at one point told Jill not to film with her. Bethenny owns up to this right away, saying ‘Yeah, I didn’t know you at the time, and I didn’t like you.’ Upon first seeing this scene, I thought this made Bethenny a huge hypocrite, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought the two situations, though similar are not exactly the same. How many times have you told your friend or BFF to stay away from someone who you deem isn’t a good person, or try to warn them about hanging out with someone in general? Bethenny and Kelly were not friends, but Jill and Bethenny had a history. I’ll let you decide on whether or not this makes Bethenny a hypocrite.

The conversation moves along and Jill is once again caught in another lie when she tries to deny being aware of the ailing health of Bethenny’s father. Jill attempts to blame editing for telling the world Bethenny was a bad friend for not being there for her during Bobby’s cancer, when in actuality she never told Bethenny that Bobby had cancer. Jill continues to get viewer questions about her behavior, and at this point, I’m actually starting to feel a bit bad for her, that is until she decides to go into victim mode again and attempts another walk off the set. Sighs, yes it must be tough having to sit there and hear about your bad behavior, but so what? She did it and she should own it. She is absolutely not a victim at all, and should stop acting like one. Yes it must have been hard, but Jill should have Toughened up, Owned it, Explained it, and then Moved on. And how ironic is it that the person who keeps notes has no desire to hear others’ notes about her. There was no need for the crocodile tears and bratty walk offs. Oddly enough, Bethenny came to Jill’s defense at this point.

Next up is Sonja Morgan, who’s tape footage from the season actually earned her an applause from her castmates, a first in Bravo reunion history I think. We get the obligatory sex talk from Samantha Sonja, who is later on asked a good viewer question: Why isn’t her 9-year-old daughter on the show? Sonja, who was actually offered a slot on the show in its 1st season, reveals she was hesitant about joining the show and simply wasn’t sure putting her daughter on there would be a good idea.


We get to see some footage of the ladies all making snarky comments about each other. Jill immediately apologizes to Ramona for calling her an idiot saying, “I was trying to be funny, I was trying to be like Bethenny. It’s not working for me.” No Jillian, it’s not. We then move on to LuAnn and Bethenny. Bethenny is accused of being a bully, which I have to disagree with. An obnoxious snarky mean loud mouth? Yes. A bully? No. None of the ladies on this show are fragile little numbers. Bravo knows to cast women who are NOT afraid of confrontation, Alex included. Even Kelly, who pretends to be a little fragile fly, showed her true aggressive colors on the St. John trip. And I’m sure her ex-boyfriend can also allude to this fact. LuAnn says all is well and that she’s past all the snarky comments. It dawned on me that this is a great quality LuAnn seems to possess. She doesn’t hold grudges and truly seems to let things go, albeit usually after receiving or demanding an apology.

We finally get to the climax of the night when it’s time to discuss Kelly‘s breakdown and just all around bizarro behavior on the show. We start with the footage, mostly from Kelly’s St. John trip, where she is pretty much shown attacking and antagonizing her castmates. Kelly can be seen laughing while watching some of the footage, while the other ladies keep a serious face. Yes it might just be a nervous laughter, but with Kelly, you never know.

The footage stops airing and it’s now time for Kelly to be interrogated by Andy. Right off the bat, almost sounding like a battery robot, Kelly starts rambling about systematic bullying, refusing to take ANY responsibility for her actions on the trip or even on the show. Ramona butts in right away, telling Kelly to seriously stop saying she was bullied. Andy tells Ramona to give Kelly a chance to talk, but even I can understand Ramona’s frustration, as she interrupted Kelly quite a few more times. The viewer in me was getting very impatient, and did not want to listen to Kelly’s lies and very distorted version of the events that actually took place.

Kelly, who sounded very rehearsed, continues on her rambling about systematic bullying. Bethenny wants to know if “systematic bullying is a medical term” and Ramona says “she can’t anymore.” Kelly claims she is being bullied at the moment, saying, “its happening right now,” because Ramona and Bethenny interrupted her. Hasn’t every single one of the ladies been interrupted while trying to explain something or give their side of a story during this reunion show? Evidently it’s only bullying when it’s done to Kelly, who herself butted into the Jill/Bethenny argument earlier on in the show.

Kelly continues to spew her BS and says, “I don’t like being scared by four women.” Kelly claims the ladies had to have an intervention with Bethenny on the trip telling her to lay off Kelly, to which Bethenny immediately chimes in, “You are delusional. You need help.” Judging from Bethenny’s reaction and comments, I’m going to add the “intervention” to the list of events that while not having taken place in real life, took place in Kelly’s head. Remember Bethenny’s father had just died, and she was experiencing pregnancy complications. Are we really supposed to believe the ladies pulled Bethenny to the side to warn her about Kelly in spite of what she was going through at the time? I’m not buying it plus Bethenny was very mellow on the trip compared to her typical behavior. What we did see was that Kelly began to unravel almost immediately, after arriving on the trip.

Another one of Kelly’s made up events? Claiming Bravo forced her to go on the trip. Andy Cohen denied this three times, but Kelly stuck to her version of events, saying, “Andy, it is true though, but thank you, I appreciate that.”

LuAnn adds her two cents and makes some very sensible comments, even telling Kelly she “instigated a lot of what went on,” then asking Kelly was there a lot we the audience didn’t see? Immediately, both Kelly, Bethenny and Ramona answer yes! But for different reasons. Bethenny and Ramona say what was not shown was 10x worse that what actually happened, while Kelly believes the ladies’ mistreatment of her was also worse that what was shown, except no mistreatment of Kelly was shown, other than the ladies defending themselves from her insane and asinine attacks.

“Kelly you have psychological and emotional problems, and we’re all taking to you like we’re going to make some sense out of you and it’s crazy,” yells a frustrated Bethenny. Kelly, who likely shares the same incompetent media consultants as Jill, took a page out of Jill’s handbook and walked off the set. And end scene…

But the worst is yet to come. On the last part of the reunion show, we will actually hear Kelly admit that Sonja was really nice to her on the trip and that Sonja was a good friend to her. This is extremely crucial information, considering Kelly had claimed on multiple occasions, in countless media interviews, and even in her looney Anti-bullying PSA that she was bullied by all four women on the trip. So Kelly will basically admit to being a liar Thursday night, without even realizing it I’m sure.

I will share my final thoughts on Kelly and the rest of the ladies when I do the final reunion recap this Friday.

Watch What Happens – WWH was great last night. It was a pretty funny episode with both Ramona and Dina Manzo as guests. The best or worst part of the show came when Bravo wanted viewers to choose who needed therapy the most. Our options? Kelly, Danielle, Dina, and Ramona. I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to try to force us to choose between Kelly and Danielle, who are both in dire need of immense help. I will add though, in my very unprofessional opinion, that while Danielle is in need of an intense drawn out 25 year therapy session, Kelly is likely more in need of meds. And in case you’re wondering, Kelly beat out Danielle by 2%.

The final part of the reunion show airs this Thursday at 9PM Eastern time.