Big Brother 12 Week 5 Spoilers – New HOH, Nominees, Plus POV Winner

Big Brother 12

It is now week 5 in the Big Brother house and Kristen Bitting found herself the latest houseguest to be ousted on Thursday.

Despite her numerous pleas and attempts to stay, she was voted out by a vote of 8 – 0. It was also revealed on Thursday night that Ragan received the most viewers votes to become the new Saboteur.

We will find out in tonight’s episode if Ragan accepts the Saboteur challenge. If he does, he will receive $20,000 after completing 2 weeks worth of tasks.

Below are spoilers for this week, including the new HOH, nominees and POV winner.


In what seemed like deja vu, Thursday night’s endurance competition ended exactly like the previous one. The last two standing were Ragan and Matt, with Matt becoming the new HOH. Kathy was the first houseguest to drop off, leaving her the only Have Not for the week.

Matt nominated Rachel and Brendon for eviction, much to the delight of the other houseguests. So far, Rachel and Brandon are not doing too well on the block. Brandon however keeps mentioning he would rather go home and have Rachel stay. Sighs, to be stupid and in love.

The POV was played yesterday and Britney came out the winner. So far, she has zero plans of using it and and stated numerous times she does not want to be bothered by Brendon and Rachel.