Big Brother 12 Cast

Good news and bad news for Big Brother fans this past week. The good news is Rachel Reilly got sent home and we no longer have to wear ear plugs when listening to her diary room sessions. The bad news? We still need the ear plugs to listed to Hayden.

Despite her man Brendon’s attempt at causing drama to get people to vote him off, Rachel was voted out by a vote of 6 – 0. We are now down to the final 8, and Rachel’s eviction makes her the first juror member of the season.

What’s most surprising this season is that we are in the 6th week and the HGs are still completely unaware of the four-man Brigade alliance. I predicted the Brigade alliance would be one of the dumbest in BB history a few weeks ago (can you blame me? Meow Meow?) but it seems I was way off as they are still a secret, or perhaps this is just the dumbest BB cast in the show’s history as an alliance of 4 men has gone completely undetected in a span of over 6 weeks.

But could the Brigade alliance be finally crumbling? A lot to report in today’s spoilers, find out the new HOH, nominees and POV winner. Plus an evicted HG returns to the house! Can you guess who?


The new HOH is Brendon as he performed extremely well in the HOH competition. And in typical BB fashion, most of the HGs who hated him just hours before started kissing up to him. Brendon had to choose three people to be have nots, and he chose Britney, Ragan, and Matt.

Ragan immediately started crying after Brendon’s win and has pretty much spent the past few days crying all the time in the have not room.

Britney apologized to Brendon and he accepted her apology. Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan for eviction. Not much of an explanation on why he nominated Lane.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Enzo have been stuck to Brendon and have even convinced him they are in an alliance with him. Hayden and Enzo have also been questioning the loyalty of the Brigade. They feel Matt might have a side deal with Ragan, and Lane might have one with Britney. Their plan was to get out Ragan and Britney.

Ragan wins POV and as soon as the POV competition ends, Brendon opens up the Pandora box and he gets sent to the Jury house for 24 hours to see Rachel, while Rachel is brought back to the BB house for 24 hours!

Rachel stirs things up and immediately gets into a big fight with Ragan and later Britney. Rachel tells Hayden and Enzo that Matt wanted to get Hayden out during the week he was on the block with Kristen. Hayden and Enzo are now questioning Matt’s loyalty, and during a Brigade meeting sans Matt, they decide to want Matt out!