The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 2 Recap: Emotions

Following a dramatic premiere episode, we are now onto week 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Episode 2 starts out with Kim Zolciak and her assistant Sweetie going for a beer run or walk or something. One hit wonder Pop star Kimmy feels she needs to look great, you know, considering she is a big pop star and all now. The two end their run by re-hydrating with a beer.

We see a very pregnant Phaedra at her workplace. The attorney is meeting up with a non-celebrity client of hers who was arrested for marijuana possession, and no, it is not Nene’s son Bryson, just in case you were wondering. “Unfortunately, 1 in 3 black men will be indicted for a felony and do some prison time. Instead of us punishing people who have obviously served their time, we really need to embrace them so that they don’t have to go back into crime,” states Phaedra, who is obviously doing her part by marrying an ex-con shortly after his release.


Kandi is in the studio working with renowned producer/singer Neyo. Once the two get done complimenting each other, the topic turns to pro tools and auto tune, during which Kandi shares she never got paid for the work she did on Kim’s single ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.’ Kandi reveals Kim likely made over $80,000 from the single sales and promises not to work for free anymore. Anyone familiar with the music industry will have you know the people who write the songs make the most money from the music sales. So basically, had Kandi and Kim done things the right away, Kandi would have earned more money from the sales of the song than Kim.

Sheree has decided to get back into the dating scene and her annoying over the top hair stylist/BFF Lawrence is on hand to help her get ready for her blind date. And I wonder, does Sheree have any real friends other than this hair stylist?

The second new housewife of the season, Cynthia Bailey, is introduced. Cynthia, who refers to herself as a “supermodel” is described as being a friend of Nene’s. Cynthia also describes herself as a runaway bride who has been given an ultimatum by her boyfriend Peter Thomas. The two own a downtown lounge/club called Uptown, which Kandi is conveniently planning on using to showcase her new music. Cynthia is a single mother of one, as she has a daughter with actor Leon.

Sheree arrives for her blind date and judging from her dramatic reaction, I almost assumed the “Doctor” had brought her to a strip club. But no, it wasn’t a strip club, just a regular dance spot. Immediately, Sheree finds a flaw with her date, accusing him of getting her cheap flowers from a Kroger. For those of you not familiar with Kroger, it is a grocery store chain that is popular in the South. Once she got over the Kroger flowers and the loud laugh, Sheree decides she’s having a good time with her “cute” date, making certain to emphasize his good looks more than once. Judging by a photo of her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, can’t say I blame her.

As for the good “doctor,” an article by the Atlanta Constitution Journal reveals Tiy-E Muhammad isn’t even a real doctor, but a famewhore rather, who appeared on a 2005 reality show titled “The Real Gilligan’s Island.” Tiy-E is reportedly a former Clark Atlanta University associate professor who calls himself a psychologist on his Web site and book jacket covers, though he is not licensed to practice psychology in Georgia or anywhere else.

Moving right along. Kim receives a call to come and perform her “hit” song in front of “the largest gay dance party” in the entire world. Kim reveals she has a huge gay following, so this performance is right up her alley. Kim is even nice enough to ask the event organizer if she can bring Kandi along. Bring Kandi along for what? To be her back-up dancer? Her back-up singer? Can someone please inform Kim that Kandi is a professional with a career and better things to do than to follow the one hit wigged wonder around the country.

Nene is shown having a conversation with troubled son Bryson, who has been arrested twice this year alone for possession of marijuana. Bryson wants to move back in and Nene reveals she put him out for not working, not being in school, not following rules etc. We see an emotional Nene schooling Bryson on the pain she feels to see her son not doing well in life. Following Nene’s emotional plea, Bryson seizes the moment as an opportunity to let her know she’s too hard on him. Nene doesn’t take too well to Bryson’s comments but reluctantly allows him to move back in, giving him 90 days to get his life together. Perhaps it’s the softie in me but I’m glad Nene decided to give Bryson another chance. I feel turning him away again will likely only lead to more trouble, making him a statistic. One can only hope Bryson is able to get his life together.

It’s the day of the performance and Kandi issues a plea to the handsome Peter Thomas, requesting he keep Nene away from Dwight as to prevent any further drama. Phaedra arrives with Dwight and reveals he is a bit nervous about being around the other ladies. Phaedra gives the best quote of the episode when she states, “If you’ll act the fool in public, you’ll act the fool anywhere.”

At the event, Sheree’s hairstylist Lawrence, who might or might not be trying to replace Dwight as the messy gay friend, brings up the fact that Apollo went to prison. The intelligent Kim speculates that Apollo might have murdered someone, because he was in prison for a whole 6 years. Sheree gives a low blow when she speculates about Apollo’s sexuality in her interview, insinuating he might be gay because he was in prison for years and knows her openly gay hair stylist Lawrence. I just thought Sheree’s comments were a bit much, below the belt, and unnecessary.

Kandi gives an excellent performance but the only thing better than her performance were the highlarious thoughts of her co-stars during the performance. Phaedra states she’s loving Kandi’s singing but is more worried about “Dwight getting jumped by these crazy heifers.” I’m still laughing at that one. Phaedra definitely brings the funny.

Upon the conclusion of Kandi’s performance, Cynthia decides she would rather not have Nene acting out in her classy uptown club and offers her a private room to talk to Dwight. Nene approaches Dwight and he reluctantly agrees to talk to her. Dwight denies telling Kim that Gregg asked him for $10,000 and Nene gets emotional again when she tells Dwight she has been hurt by some of his actions. Dwight is mature about things and offers Nene an apology. Nene accepts his apology but states in her interview that she “can forgive but cannot forget.”